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Macbook Sleeve

Macbook Sleeve

Eclipse II Burnt Orange Laptop Sleeve is perfect for your 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. This macbook sleeve offers a slim design with a lot of protection thanks to its layer of foam padding. It provides a retractable handle and a back pocket for your documents or your favorite magazines. You can slide it in your backpack, bag of briefcase or you can wear it alone. It is 100% PVC free so is environmental-friendly and it is available in many sizes and colors. The plush interior protects your macbook from scratches. The company offers you lifetime guarantee for this product and if you like you can find it at with $39.95.

Trek Sleeve laptop is perfect for your MacBook Air or your MacBook 13.3-inch. This macbook sleeve offers a lot of protection thanks to its 6-sides of padding and rigid wall frames. Hidden by a zippered flap you will find a pocket for your macbook’s AC adaptor and a slot made especially for your iPod. The sleeve also provides a back pocket for your documents, newspaper and files. offers you a lot of beautiful fabric sleeves for your macbook. The special sherpa fleece is made form polyester and acrylic that is very soft material. This plush material is made from high quality fabric and will not scratch your macbook. These sleeves are perfect for indoor use: hotel, university, office, hone, conference, library and studio. And outside you can put it in your backpack or your bag for extra protection. These sleeves offer you an easy and quick access to your macbook in only 1 second. This sleeve is design for indoor use or use inside a bag or another case; therefore these sleeves will not protect your macbook from drops or major bumps.

You can find sleeves for any type of macbook: 13-inch MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17-inch MacBook Pro. You have a lot of fabrics and design to choose from, for example: greyscale cotton, green Japanese cotton, red Japanese cotton, brushed faux fur, black Japanese cotton, acrylic tuft and many more. This sleeve protects your macbook from scratches and it has an opening at on end which provides you an easy removal and a quick access to your macbook.

The next sleeve for your macbook it can be custom designed to fit perfectly your macbook. The sleeve has a special window that allows the Apple logo to be seen by everyone and this feature makes it a part of the sleeves design. Is made form metallic nylon and it is waterproof. Doesn’t have any zippers so it gives you an easy access to your macbook. It comes with a rear cooling vent that allows your macbook’s processor to cool when you transport it. You can find it in 3 colors: black, grey and white.

ColcaSac is a discreet MacBook sleeve and it is for all types of Macbooks: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Macbook. It is a very simple sleeve and it is fashionable and functional. This case is made form jute and hemp fabric that are striking and strong materials. The 100% soft polyester sherpa fleece offers protection to your macbook and with a velcro closure you will have an easy access to your macbook. The sleeve has a pocket that provides enough space for your mouse, DVDs, CDs, USB Flash Driver and your laptop’s power adaptor. This sleeve is design to be use combined with a bag, a backpack or briefcase or it can be used as a solo protection for your macbook.

The original MacBook Case is an original sleeve form ColcaSac. It is functional and very stylish made from polyester sherpa fleece and from burlap. If offers a scratch-free inside to protect your macbook and with a rugged surface is one of the coolest looking sleeve you will find on the market.

If red is your favorite color, ColcaSac offers you a beautiful red sleeve. This great sleeve is able to protect your macbook thanks to its polyester sherpa fleece. This sleeve is both discrete and discrete. You can have at a price of $30 from ColcaSac.

U MacBook Sleeve is the best way to carry your macbook in a practical and refined way. With its wide format, this sleeve gives you enough room for your laptop and a few accessories. Its very large leather pocket is perfect for your small notebook, businesses cards, iPod, iPhone or cash. It is handmade in Austria and it comes with a black elastic herringbone. This sleeve gives you an original way to carry your macbook and it is very stylish. It is made for the new MacBook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, MacBook Air and the old Macbook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch and 17 inch.

Tillymoss offers you great sleeves for your macbook with original models and a lot of different designs. Chrysanthemum in Olive sleeve has a great floral design. This sleeve can be custom made to fit MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iBook, MacBook and Powerbook. This beautiful sleeve is hand-made in UK and has a water repellant fleece with a protective interfacing. Chrysanthemum in Olive sleeve is perfect to protect your macbook form scratches, spills and dents. You can wear it on it’s on, or you can put in your bag or backpack. You will find a lot of beautiful sleeve designs on

As you can see you have a lot to choose from when it comes to a sleeve for your macbook. Before you choose the sleeve think about what you need exactly: if you need an extra protection when you carry your macbook in your bag you can buy a skin sleeve and if you need more protection and a sleeve that you can wear it on it’s on you can by bag sleeve.