Saturday, May 18, 2024

Macbook Shells

One way to customize your MacBook, beside skins, cases and sleeves you can try shells. These offer a lot more protection for your laptop than the skin or just a simple case with a beautiful color.

The first we are presenting is the soft touch hard shell case for MacBook Aluminum Unibody 15-inch from Speck. The exterior of this great shell is rubberized with a soft feeling. This shell offers great protection against scratches and scrapes. This hard shell gives your macbook a semi-translucent finish. This SeeThru Satin shell offers you access to all plugs and ports and you can easily put it in your backpack. It is easy to take off and put on without any adhesive. You can find it in 5 different colors: black, yellow, pink, red and purple.

From Macally we present you the BookShellB – a shell for your macbook. This shell is made from two pieces and it is specially designed for Macbook. This great shell is made from leather and allows you to have access to the DVD/CD port and all other ports. To prevent your macbook from overheating this shell has a ventilated rear which allows an optimized air flow. For macbook is safe against scratches thanks to its suede inner lining that offers great protection. This type of shell is available in 2 colors: red and black. If you put it in your backpack of bag you will notice that the shell seems to stick to the surface inside of your backpack or bag therefore is doesn’t slide out when you open them. Even if you accidentally drop down your laptop, it will be protected thanks this shell. It is one of the best investments you can make for your macbook’s great look and protection.

Aqua mCover hard shell made from high-quality polycarbonate material that will protect your macbook thanks to its shatter-proof feature. This shell allows your macbook to stay cool thanks to its retractable feet on the rear side, this feature also helps you type more comfortably. Your macbook won’t slip on a smooth surface because this hard shell has rubber feet on the front side to keep the macbook in place. This great shell is available in 9 colors: purple, red, green, orange, blue, pink, aqua, clear and black. You have access to the charging port and all ports. The shell is made from 2 pieces and it is very easy to put in on and take it off. The Apple logo is not hidden under the shell and everyone can see it, this makes the shell more stylish.

The next case makes your macbook look very cool and in the same time it will protect it from scratches. This shell allows you to use your laptop without removing it form the shell. It stays secure on your precious laptop and if you want to remove it, you can snap it off very easy. It is specially made from Macbook Air and you can have it with $19.49.

The next cool shell is from Speck, this one has a special design that allows you to open your laptop all the way. You have access to all connections and ports while you protect it against scrapes and scratches. You can have if for $40.67.

The next shell is from Incipio, this is made from very strong polymer but is also ultra light. This product is compatible with MacBook Unibody 13-inch and MacBook Pro 13-inch. Is has a matte finish that provides a soft touch and it comes with a micro suede pouch.

Techshell Inc. manufactures great shells form hard plastic that protects your macbook without any adhesives. These shells keep your macbook free from scratched and dust. You can find them with a rubberized exterior or without this feature, but all of them provide you full acces to all your macbook’s ports. These cases are available for 12-inch PowerBook, 13-inch MacBook, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17-inch MacBook Pro.

InCase provides you high quality hard shells for you macbook. These hard shells are available for: Macbook Air, 13-inch white Macbook, 13-inch unibody MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17-inch MacBook Pro. They have a hardsheel exterior, raised feet, soft feeling when you touch them, thermal vents and give you access to all your macbook’s ports. They are very discrete hard shells with injection-molded construction that offers a lot of protection and excellent laptop coverage. It is easy to use and simple to clean.

The ION Carbon Shell is a great product with a clean style and design. The shell stays put and fits like a glove to your macbook. This shell comes with a circle cut in the middle of the fabric to allow the Apple logo to show trough. It is easy to get in onto your laptop, simply snap the top half and the bottom half and the job is done. It is made from polyurethane which is crafted on the plastic fiber made from high durable Polycarbonate. These materials offer great protection for your macbook and a rich and organic feel. The ION Carbon Shell protects against dirt, scratches and minor spills. The bottom of the shell offers great ventilation so your macbook will not overheat. Is a great shell available for MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch and MacBook 13-inch and 15-inch. You can find it at the ION website ( at $99.89.

A lot of great shells out there, but the most important thing when you buy a shell is to make sure that it is providing great ventilation and allows your macbook to cool down. Other aspect is the port access that is very important, because if you must take the shell off every time you want to access a port then is not worth it. The material must be something more than a very cheap plastic, it should feel soft and rich when you touch it.