Wednesday, June 12, 2024

iPod Touch Vs iPhone

iPod Touch

For those who just want a smartphone, and simply want to be “cool,” the iPhone is a choice worthy being considered, only that, when we talk about iPod Touch vs iPhone, there’s a bit more to consider. I know a lot of people crazy about mobile gaming, and it seems that in that area, the iPod Touch vs iPhone match has a clear winner, and that is the iPod. To be more specific, we’re talking about the 2nd generation iPod Touch, which seems to be the best mobile gaming platform from Apple, according to a recent report…

The story goes like this – Handheld Games Corp, a mobile developer, talked with TouchArcade about the performance of its 3D TouchSports Tennis game, currently <-180×150 Small Rectangle – right->available in the App Store for $4.99.

According to this mobile developer, the 3D hardware on the iPhone and iPod Touch seems to be really challenged by their game, while the 2nd generation iPod Touch would run it flawlessly.

Although this isn’t probably the only big difference between the iPod Touch 2nd gen and “the others,” it is worth being mentioned that 2nd Generation iPod Touch had its processor’s frequency quietly pushed up to 532MHz, while the iPhone 3G, 1st gen iPhone and 1st gen iPod Touch all have processors running at 412MHz.

These being said, there’s only one conclusion to remember – if you’re into mobile gaming on Apple handheld devices, then the only way to go is the latest iPod Touch, so the music player scores once again in the “iPod Touch vs iPhone” match, although I am sure the match will be discontinued because of bad weather…;)