Wednesday, June 12, 2024

iPhone G3 Accessories

There is more to it than just owning a multimedia player. Sure, you can just buy a media player and keep it in its current retail package composition, but what would the point be if you don’t buy some quality accessories to improve its performances. These days, is not all about devices.

The attention nowadays customers offer to the devices is shared at half with the compatible accessories. Therefore, if a manufacturer doesn’t offer some good quality accessories for its products, it might just lose big sales. Basically when it comes to multimedia players the most important sold accessory is the music system.Many customers focus their attention to the available sound systems compatible with the player.

The most important player on the planet is the iPod line of players. Even more, since the iPhone shares the same dock connection with the iPod players, the accessory lines available for these Apple devices has appeared in almost every important manufacturer’s portfolio. Sony is one of these manufacturers who don’t want to lose any opportunity to sell products and advertise its logo, even with the help of Apple, thanks to their excellent products. Sony has developed more than a few lines of accessories for iPod players and iPhones. One of these accessory lines is the music system line. Every user of iPod or iPhone who enjoys music has bought or will buy a good music system, compatible with their Apple device.

Apple knows that, and so does Sony. Therefore today I am going to write about two important Sony sound systems for iPods and iPhones, the Muteki XROSSFADE Mini Hi-Fi (also known as LBT DJ2i) and the Muteki Hi-Fi Music System (also known as LBT ZX99i). Although these music systems share the same name, “Muteki”, there are not many features they share in common, not even in the design department. It would probably be correct to say that these products are orientated to different potential customers. The Muteki XROSSFADE Mini Hi-Fi provides a more conservative look with an important feature: dual iPod connector. This mini shelf system is made out of four elements, amplifier, subwoofer, front speaker and the DVD, VCD, and CD player. As an overall look, these entire components really look like they belong together.

The design is still modern, even if it’s not as youthful as the Muteki Hi-Fi Music System design. The general color is black, complemented with several stainless steel finishes. The player and the speakers are well dimensioned and look very symmetrical, while the subwoofer sports the same style but looks a little oversized. The main component, the player, also contains metallic components to add more style to the overall design. Since it sports dual iPod connection, you will get two sets of controls for each iPod. A centered switch will allow you to choose between the first connection and second connection. The volume controls are located under the iPod controls, and are in terms of design oversized for a better handling.

The main unit sports a 5.78 inches (or 146.8 mm) height, wide of 13.96 inches (or 380 mm), deep of 11.33 inches (or 288 mm), the Muteki XROSSFADE Mini Hi-Fi main’s unit weights about 3.2 Kg. Both speakers have a height of 15 inches (or 381 mm), wide of 8.07 inches (or 205 mm), deep of 9.76 inches (248 mm), with a weight per speaker of 4 Kg. The subwoofer has a height of 306 mm (or 12.05 inches), wide of 500 mm (19.67 inches), deep of 505 mm (19.88 inches), the subwoofer weight almost 16.5 Kg. Therefore, this system is not that mini in terms of dimensions and weight. Both speakers have a rated impedance of 2 ohms, with a 90 level sound pressure. The system contains a three way hybrid dual woofer. Beside the iPod connection the main unit also supports the following decoding format for sound, CD, CD – R, and the CD – RW, and also the small CD (also known as 8 cm disc).

This main unit contains several buttons for a better rendering of audio, such as repeat, shuffle and others. The audio accepted has a 44.1 kHz frequency with a maximum bit rendition of 24 bit. The equalizer included in this model provides several excellent features such as GROOVE / Z – GROOVE Bass Boost, the 3 band graphic equalizer, and the MP3 BOOSTER+ MP3 enhancer. Both speakers and subwoofer sport a power output of 150 Watt per component. Beside the iPod and CD accepted music, this sound system also sports one USB connection and 2 Line IN. Â The accepted audio formats are AAC, MP3, and the WMA. Also present is the radio with 20 preset radio stations in FM mode and 10 radio stations in AM.

Beside the actual sound system Sony included in the retail box a remote control (the RM AMU 012 commander) and two AA batteries. The Muteki XROSSFADE Mini Hi-Fi is available for purchase for $499.99 advised price tag. The second sound system, the Muteki Hi-Fi Music System looks amazing and delivers a total of 720 Watts power. Its design is not only attractive, but extremely interesting, thanks to the color touch. Therefore, all the components from this sound system includes a metallic finishes with silver plastic inserts. Also you get dome dark yellow orange inserts on both speakers and on the main unit.

The sound system not only looks good but it is also well built making matching the iPod touch or iPhone build quality. The main unit sport a height of 17.20 inches (or 437 mm), wide of 14.25 inches (362 mm), deep of 18.30 inches (or 465 mm), with a weight of 18 Kg (you should probably find a place where to put it without moving it around). Both speakers sport a 437 mm height, wide of 362 mm, deep of 465 mm, and weight 8.5 Kg per piece.

The front speaker sports a 6 ohms rated impendence, with a 91 dB sound pressure level. Beside the iPod connection, this sound system can render music from the small CD (also known as 8cm Disc), CD, CD – R, CD – RW, and MP3 files by connecting a multimedia player using one of the LINE IN connection. The output power for any of the components of this sound system is rated at 180 Watts. For a better audio experience Sony included excellent Equalizer features such as X – GROOVE bass boost function, 10 preset EQ modes, and the 3 band graphic equalizer.

All the information added to the music files will be displayed on the main unit. Also included is the radio with both tuner types, FM and AM. You can save about 20 station entries in FM mode, and about 10 station entries in AM mode. In the retail package Sony included beside the actual sound system the remote control (RM AMU 008 commander) and 2 AA batteries. The Muteki Hi-Fi Music System is available for $649.99 price tag. Both sound systems complete the audio experience started by your iPod and iPhone. The first sound system sports dual iPod and iPhone connection in a conservative look, while the second Hi-Fi system sports more power rendering in a more attractive design. Both way, the prices are not small, and the choice is for you to make.