Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Infogear iPhone

With the latest iPod touch release and iPhone 3GS release, it is clear that Apple is trying to consolidate its position on the mobile game platform, with the latest processor and RAM memory embedded. However, even the third generation of iPod touch is not a true gaming platform, despite the Apple advertising. Even more, the App Store delivers more and more excellent applications. The Games category contains the best applications from the App Store. Now these games are more serious than last year, including excellent 3D graphics, expandable game play and story line, and an excellent user experience overall. The future might hold two possible paths for Apple.

The first one would be to continue the iPod touch transformation into a great mobile game console (competitor for PSP), while the second direction includes somewhat the Apple Tablet or another device, which could take over from iPod touch the game console features, leaving the fourth generation of iPod touch to simply focus on music and videos. However, the iPod touch doesn’t need a successor to run the free games on App Store. Today on the top three free games on App Store we can find basic games that will provide simple fun for a relaxing evening. The first game was released on September 15, 2009, by Lab Pixies Ltd and successfully entered the top 25 free games on App Store in only seven days. “Line up FREE” can be currently found on App Store under the Games category with the current downloadable version, 1.0.

This game was developed for both second and third generation operating system for the iPhone mobile platform, and it is compatible with all the generations of iPod touch and all three generations of iPhone. “Line up FREE” is a fun game, providing a simple game play, like matching the block colors while they fall from the top of the screen. Your coordinating and managing skills have to be fully recharged since you only get 100 moves on one “mission”. Therefore, in order to complete the game you must remove as many blocks as you can with only one move. By doing so, you will not just remove blocks but also obtain a higher score since the game matches “combos” with higher score than the usual moves.

You get four different color blocks, and a whole new play stage every time you start a new game or continue the old one. The game sports a great looking user interface, which does have all the necessary options and settings (easy to access). In case you like difficult games then you should be happy to know that “Line up FREE” allows you to chose the speed cycles and the tap limit, for all of you extreme players out there. However you can chose to be helped by a random laser beam, in order to get rid of one column and one line (since this is a matrix we are talking about). The graphics are normal, good for this type of game, with fluid motion and no freezes. The sound is pretty good, basic sound effect, and the controls are intuitive, leaving no unanswered questions when you start playing the game.

Overall, the “Line up FREE” is a good game, which should provide enough fun. However, you have to be fully rested to complete this game. The second game in the top three free games on App Store is really fun to play. On September 25, 2009, the Candy Cane LLC released “Fling (free)”, one of the best new puzzle games on the App Store. The current version of this game, 1.0.0, can be found on App Store with either the free version or the full paid application. Although the first version was released after the third iPhone operating system was launched, the “Fling (free)” was developed to be compatible with both second and third generations operating system for iPhone mobile platform.

“Fling (free)” works on both iPod touch and iPhone devices. If you ever played this game online or on your computer, then you should know what to expect from this iPhone version. This game includes more than 10000 puzzles, improving the user experience in terms of game play. You shouldn’t encounter to identical puzzles when playing this game. All this puzzles are divided into almost 20 difficulty level (which contains the increase feature). This game should provide for an average user about seven days of fun (not more than one hour a day). Each of these 10000 puzzles has one single solution.

To complete a puzzle just push the fur balls in order to match at least three of the same kind. This game will provide you with three different game plays, such as arcade mode (you have to race against the clock, to solve as many puzzles as you possible can with the difficulty increasing with each new puzzle), the free play mode (just play in your own rhythm, and browse through the entire resolved puzzle collection to replay any finished puzzle), and challenge mode (every puzzle must be resolved in a specific amount of time). The graphics are really nice, offering you sufficient animation and attention to details. The sound effects complete the user experience. The controls are easy to use. You can easily listen to your own playlists while playing this game without even needing to manually turn off the sounds. No worries if you get a phone call while playing since this game auto saves all the progress, allowing you to resume your play. The “Fling (free)” is the free version of the paid application.

The full game will bring all the difficulty levels promised, making the game experience even more addictive. Overall, this game is a really great puzzle game, probably one of the best puzzle games on the App Store. The last game on the top three free games on App Store is the “iMobsters – 40 Favor Points”, released by Storm8 LLC on August 30, 2009. You can find the latest version of this game, 1.72, on App Store under the Games category. “iMobsters – 40 Favor Points” is developed for both iPod touch (remember you need a stable Wi-Fi connection to play this game from an iPod touch) and iPhone running either the second (2.2 or higher) or third version operating system for the iPhone mobile platform.

The game provides a good solid story line, putting you in the shoes of a petty thief in the beginning of the game, allowing you to work your way up to Mafia Don. In order to do so, you have to create your own clan and bring as many followers as you can. Because this is a Storm8 LLC game, in order to play you must subscribe to the online network (with over 1.6 million players). The graphics are really nice, almost gorgeous, with an excellent soundtrack and sound effects. All the available updates will be free for anyone who plays this game (these updates contains new weapons, real estates, and missions). Bring your friends into your clan and survive dangerous missions, in order to control the city. The online messages are available for you to control all your followers.

This is an excellent game, which will provide sufficient attractive features for anyone who enjoys either mobsters or social network games. Today’s top three free games on App Store is well balanced, with one fun and simple game, a great puzzle game, and the Storm8 LLC game (which is always present on the free top). All these games are free and will certainly provide sufficient fun, for free. However, most of them are only free versions (making you buy the full versions), while the social network game includes a small fee, when you must join the community.