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Free iPod Games

When it comes to Apple, everything is well planned, builds and presented on the market. It is not all about devices, gadgets, iPods, accessories or computer. Apple also needs something stronger than hardware, because half of Apple’s success is caused by the software provided. Therefore, it is no surprise when I am going to tell you that iTunes Store is the genius application Apple could have invented. Even more, now with the App Store everything is just “German” (works excellent, flawless).

The Games category is probably one of the most used categories in App Store. Today, October 03, 2009, the top three free games on App Store looks quite obvious I might add. The first two spots are covered by two social networks game and I think you already know what developer has created these games, while the third spot is occupied by an interesting game cards released by none other than the famous, by now, Gameloft. On the first place we can find “World War – 35 Honor Points”.

This game was released (its latest version) on September 10, 2009, by Storm8 LLC. This game is compatible with both iPod touch and iPhone running the second or third generation operating system for iPhone mobile platform. However, for a better user experience you should definitely chose to play this game on your iPhone, because you need a stable internet connection and Wi-Fi is only stable indoors and certainly not outdoors.

The story line is realistic and dark in the same time. The action is set in 2010, in a post nuclear war world. The small countries have been destroyed, while the surviving ones have merged in five great nations. The game puts you into the shoes of a general. However, this is just the beginning. Your mission is to evolve as much as you can until you can proclaim the victory of this catastrophic war (dictator, anyone?). The graphics are exceptional and the sound effects with the special soundtrack improve this game as much as it can. As the rest of the Storm8 games, you have to join the online community in order to actually play this game. You will successfully achieve your goals by battling the other players. No need to worry about future updates because their offered free of charge. In order to survive and win you have to ally with other players. Success is just a state of mind. Important is how you achieve it.

By the way, if you were wondering about what counties survived the war then you will be happy to know (or sad if you don’t live in any of them) that USA, Russia, UK, China and Germany successfully survived the nuclear war. Overall, this game is excellent and reminds quite a lot in terms of game play with the other games released by Storm8. Shocking or not, depends on who you ask, the second position on our top three free games is “Racing Live – 15 Prestige Points”. This game was last time on the first position on this top. As you may recall its seller and developer is the same Storm8 LLC.

And in order to play this game you have to join the online network (which already contains over 4.2 million players). It seems like the social network games are very popular, especially because of the connection with other players. The games become more real, and have to offer more than just action. On the third position on today’s top three free games on App Store is “UNO”. Released on August 17, 2009, by Gameloft, “UNO” is one of the best card games made for either iPod touch or iPhone running the second or third generation operating system for iPhone mobile platform.

One of the best features of this card games is that you can play with up to three other players. You can still play in single mode also, but the fun is when you play with other people. You can easily customize your game with up to nine different rules. You have to use your Wi-Fi connection when playing in multi player mode. Therefore, be careful with your iPod touch or iPhone’s battery.

The graphics are normal, but then again the game is not too demanding, and the controls are intuitive. In other order of words, this game is really nice, and helps you play with your friends and family card games without actually play cards. Today’s top three free games on App Store is somewhat not surprising. As the last top, Storm8 is still in charge with two out of three games. These games are great, offering excellent game play value and overall fun for free.