Wednesday, June 12, 2024

iPhone 3G Silicone Case Cheap

Ultra Slim Silicone Case for iPhone 3G is a cheap silicone case available in many nice colors: tomato, orange, purple, pink, solid blue, liquid blue, green, grey, golden yellow, black and cloudy. This cheap case for your iPhone 3G is made from 100% pure silicone and it is dust proof, anti-static and odor-free.

The case is very slim, lightweight and half translucent. The color is tear-resistant and very durable. The Ultra Slim Silicone Case for iPhone 3G offers easy access to all ports and functions of your iPhone 3G. You can find it on at a price of $11.90.

Swirling Silicone Case for iPhone 3G offers an original design and it is made from pure silicone. It comes in 12 great colors: purple, green, pink, orange, blue, red, yellow, golden yellow, black, cloudy, white and cloudy black. The texture of the silicone makes this case with a great anti-slip feature. The case allows everyone to see and admire your Apple logo and in the same it protects it thanks to a transparent protection film. The case is durable and the colors are tear-resistant and they are able to last for a very long time. The case looks great and it doesn’t compromise your iPhone’s 3G functionality giving you access to all its features and functions. It is a cheap case at only $12.90 and you can find it on

The next silicone case for your iPhone 3G is from Griffin Technology. The case is made from non-scratching silicone and protects your phone from dust, bumps and more. The silicone of this case is textured which means it is easy for you to hold it in your hands. This silicone case offers you full access to your phone’s controls, jacks and touchscreen. You will find this case in 4 colors: red, white, pink and black at a price of $9.99.

The Premium Apple iPhone 3G Skin Cover Case can be found at a great price of only $5.95 on You will find it in the following colors: blue, green, red, dark blue and clear. This silicone case is made from pure silicone with antidust material and it is also lightweight, so it doesn’t add extra bulk to your iPhone 3G. This case comes with 30 days satisfaction guaranteed and it is made to last.

Another cheap silicone case for your iPhone 3G is the next one, the Apple iPhone 3G Textured Silicone Skin Case with a Free Screen Protector. This case is only $6.88 and you can find it on

The case comes in many different colors like: red, pink, blue, black, clear, white, green and deep blue. The case protects your Phone against scratches and everyday damages. You have access to all the features and the ports without removing the phone from the case. This silicone case is washable and it comes with a free screen protector.

The Soft Rubber Silicone Skin Case Cover for Apple iPhone 3G is a very cheap case at only $3.95 in a special offer on This silicone case comes in the next colors: clear, pink, blue, purple, red and black. If you buy this case you will also have one year warranty and a screen protector for free. This nice case provides easy and full access to all your phone’s main functions and features, like ports and buttons. The case is lightweight so it doesn’t add any bulk to your phone.

If you are looking for a cheap silicone case with a soft jelly feel, you can try the next one – the Hot Pink Silicone Case from Cellet. You can find it on with $6.49.

The case is made from high quality silicone and it has perfect cutouts to provide all the functionality your iPhone 3G needs. This case helps keep your iPhone safe from scratches and bumps.

Kroo Silicone Case for iPhone 3G it is tear-resistant and impact resistant. It also has great anti-slide protection feature and anti-dust feature. The case offer you access to the touchscreen of your phone and to all its ports and buttons. It is a lightweight silicone case and it doesn’t add extra bulk to your phone. You can find it on at a price of $8.00.

JKase Cubic Rubberized Soft Silicone Protective Cover Case for Apple iPhone 3G is a cheap case at only $8.99. The cubic design offers a lot more protection to your phone and a great look. The case is extra thin, so keeps the weight of your iPhone just the way it is without adding any extra bulk. With this case you have full access to: the music functions of your phone, to speaker, headset jack, Dock Connector/charger port, side buttons and top buttons.

JKase Crystal Clear Soft Silicone Protective Case for iPhone 3G is only $4.99 and you can find it on This nice looking, cheap case comes in 4 colors: white, orange, red and purple. It is a very flexible case but in the same time a very durable one. It is also very thin so it doesn’t add any weight to your phone. It has a glossy design and it offers access to all important functions, ports and features.

As you can see, you can find nice looking silicone cases for your iPhone 3G that not only offer the protection your phone needs but also have great prices which anyone can afford.