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Are you ready to change, again, your games on your iPod touch or iPhone? You are probably ready, you and another 10 million people. Let’s face it, it is almost impossible to keep playing the same games over and over again, just because they have cost too much. Even so if you are interested in constantly changing your games, but also save your money, then you should check at least on a two day notice the top free applications on App Store. You might be surprised of the high quality value games you might just find.

Sure, you might find here and there some lite versions or demo versions, but in general you can easily find good games free of charge. As you could imagine, on October 8, 2009, App Store has successfully changed again its top three free games. Even so, some of the games found on today’s top are part of a famous by now social networking software developer (I guess you already know who it is).

Even more, this top “three free games” will never be the same if Storm8 LLC would be represented by any games. Basically all the games on this top are action games at their core. On the first place you can find one of the best sold snipers – shooter games on the App Store. On June 24, 2009, Groove Media Inc released the latest version of “Marine Sharpshooter”. You can find this game on App Store with the current version, 1.1, offered free of charge. “Marine Sharpshooter” is compatible with both iPod touch and iPhone running the second or third version operating system for iPhone mobile platform. This game is an iPhone adaptation of the classic PC game with the same name.

The “Marine Sharpshooter” PC game was sold in over 1 million copies making the iPhone version free of charge, and a demo version of what you can get from the “Marine Sharpshooter” computer game. Even so, the iPhone and iPod touch version of this game is not identical with the PC version; you get a more customized version. The story line is catchy and doesn’t need any improvements.

The game puts you into the shoes of a marine sharpshooter, part of one of the unknown military forces that fights against terrorists. Your in game mission is not only to survive behind enemy lines, but also to discover and destroy the terrorist cell that is planning to launch several attacks all around the world. You must be calculated in your mission.

Any missed enemies might mean for them to know they are under attack. Therefore, silent mode on if you are planning to play this game. In terms of graphics, this game is really good, impressive even. This might just be the case since is not a combat action game where good graphics are harder to make. The “Marine Sharpshooter” offers only five missions (expected since this is a free game), but every mission contains several environments. Therefore you should be quite impressed with all the different environments.

Even more, this game will not let you don’t, by far it can be considered boring since it includes more than a few hostage rescue modes and assassinations modes. You can choose within several weapons of preferences. Even more, you get two playing modes. You can either chose to play in the story mode (recommended the first time you play this game), or the Arcade Mode which should provide you with sufficient thrill even when you play this game the second time. Beside the nice graphics, you get good realistic sound effects, and excellent controls, intuitive might I add, with no problems in learning them whatsoever.

Overall, the “Marine Sharpshooter” is a good adaptation of the PC game, and should provide for any shooting fans or amateurs a really nice time playing, especially because it is free. On the second place on the top three free games on App Store you get the Storm8 LLC, “Kingdoms Live – 15 Legend Points”. On September 10, 2009, Storm8 LLC released the latest version of this game. You can currently find the current version of “Kingdoms Live – 15 Legend Points”, 1.51, for free on App Store.

This game is compatible with both second and third generation operating system for iPhone mobile platform. As you already imagined, the game play is similar to the other Storm8 LLC games. The story line involves you into an ancient time in which you must successfully become the ruler of the kingdom. In order to play you have to join the online community, which already hold about 1.7 million members. In order to become the ruler of this kingdom you must battle other members and win. Storm8 LLC will constantly provide future updates and fixes for free. A nice feature is the choice given for you.

Therefore, you can easily chose to play within three different races, Elf, Orc, or Human (how Lord of the Rings of them). Even more, you can choose to play within three different classes, the rogues, the warriors, or the mage. You can easily build your own kingdom if your entire friends would play also. The graphics are very good, expected from a Storm8 LLC game, while the medieval sounds complete the package. Even more, you get to connect with anyone you chose since this is a social networking game.

Overall, the “Kingdoms Live – 15 Legend Points” is another excellent game from Storm8 LLC. The lat but not the least on the top three free games is the “Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush Free”. Released on September 09, 2009, by Digital Chocolate Inc, this game is currently offered for free with the latest available version, 1.0.0. The “Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush Free” is compatible with both second and third version operating system for iPhone mobile platform. This is, however, just a free version. Therefore you will get limited action, about 3 tracks.

Your goal is to make the rollercoaster rides as scary as you can. By doing so, you will successfully unlock items and make a bigger score. The graphics are really good and the sound effects real. Overall, this version provides limited fun. If you are going to download this version and play it, you should be ready to buy the full version because this game is really addictive, especially in the multiplayer mode.

Overall, today’s top three free games for iPod touch and iPhone is pretty well made, containing two good solid featured games and a free demo version, making this top a more free of charge top games, than a demo version top games. If you appreciate social networking games and you’ve watched “Lord of the Rings”, then you probably will enjoy the latest Storm8 LLC creation.