Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Free Audio Books For iPod

In a very general level of definition, an audio book is a recording of primarily spoken words. Audio books were first imprinted on audio cassettes and there were a highly used means of learning in the 1980s and the 1990s available mostly in schools. Also, besides audio books, recording cassettes were first used as storage materials for songs and music albums, only after becoming more used in a didactic way for better teaching of foreign languages in school and not only.

Newer versions of audibooks though are not found anymore on recording cassettes, but as audio formats distributed on Cds, cassette tapes or downloadable digital formats (MP3 -.mp3, windows media audio -.wma or Advanced Audio Coding -.aac). Also, in our days audio books are best known for their instructive way of teaching one a foreign language much more easier than only reading formats, that will allow you to best interact with the spoken fluency and the pronunciation of a language. Audio books are also extremely suitable and the best way that handicapped people can learn certain things; this is why, audio books nowadays can form people with mechanical dysfunctions, such as they cannot move their hands in order to write, or even better, audio books can help people with visual difficulties learn thing much easier.

Still, audio books can be used and the recommended to everyone who wants to hear educative and instructive things playing on their headphones when at gym, on the street or in a break at school. Aside from the usual purpose of iPods, they can also provide you with an application which will allow you to download audio books in their memory so you can best enjoy a quality reading for an educational purpose. Also, for those of you who are too busy or lazy to read normal books for school or even their notes at classes, audio books are the best suitable way. Another good thing about the audio books is that you can now combine the technology which your children are so crazy about with a more educational and motivating way, so that you can upload different audio books into your children iPods and make them listen to them in their headphones more often. But not only normal books are available in audio format books, but also bed time stories, newer stories and fables which your kids totally adore.So what better way to help your kids sleep tight but with a digital bed time story, listened from a very soft and flexible voice which will calm your child and make him dream about bunnies.

And for those of you who are still looking for free downloadable audio books for their iPods, here are some useful links: (available in special iPod format also)