Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cracked… Cracker!

Cracked, cracker, Crackulous, hahahahahaha! Damn, I can’t stop laughing! OK, OK, I draw my breath… What do you think about having a cracking application – suggestively named “Crackulous” – craked? Yes, my friends, that’s the idea – a cracking application has just been cracked! This is almost a paradox, you must admit it. Anyway, let’s check the story, shall we?

Here’s someone with a very noble goal – to stop cracks by cracking them! Well, something like “fighting for peace,” or…ehem, you know… “ is owned by an Anonymous iPhone developer that goes by the name Mr. Haklab. The purpose of this website is to stop the spreading of cracked iPhone applications. As a developer now is the time to take action and stop the websites that are distributing cracked apps. They are stealing our work and also making it easier for others to do the same. Lets take action before it’s too late! We can still make a difference.”

Hey, this is really funny, and also a smart way of setting things right. After all, I fully agree with the iPhone dev who started this “virtual war” against Crackulous. Enough to say about Crackulous that “It’s an app made by a teenager to make Cracking iPhone apps easier. Even a novice iPhone or iPod Touch user can download this on their jailbroken iPhone and crack their apps to share with the entire cracking community. I want you to download this app right away.”

The idea is that, until now, Crackulous was sold for $10; now, Mr. Haklab is offering it for free, although the program is not his work. That surely gives Crackulous’ dev a taste of his own medicine! I am still laughing here, let’s hope I won’t die because of this, that would be even funnier than the whole “cracked cracker” story here! 🙂