Saturday, May 18, 2024

iPod Nano Users Manual

The first iPod was launched in Octomber 2001. It had a 5 GB memory with a storage capacity of about 1.000 songs in mp3 format. Form this year on Apple created a new fashion all around the world and revolutionized the entire market of mp3 players.

So you bought yourself an iPod Nano, the next thing to do before you can enjoy it is to learn how to work with it, how to install it on your computer, how to load music and videos, how to play them and many other things.

In the next lines we will help you understand how your iPod works and how to manage it by presenting you a very short iPod Nano Users Manual.

Before connecting your iPod Nano to your computer you need to install a software called iTunes. This software allows you to import, play music or videos on your iPod and without it you will have zero file transfer because the computer won’t recognize the iPod if iTunes is not installed. If you have an iPod with a color screen this iPod Software allows the iPod to display videos and images.

The software is very easy to install, all you have to do is click on the iTunes installation button and the installer guides you through the steps necessary to install iTunes. Next you will have to select a destination for the installation of the software and the type of installation (this depends on the type of your Ipod Nano)

Then you must connect and set up your iPod Nano, to do that you must connect your iPod to a USB port located on your computer or connect it to an Apple iPod Power Adapter. You must do this step so you can see if your iPod is charging and for computer recognize it.

When you finished the set up, the iTunes will open. This is the moment when you can pick and choose what music, audiobooks or videos you want to add on your iPod. Please remember that if you want to add some music from a CD or DVD, or you have it in your hard drive it must first be imported in iTunes. To do that, when you import music from a CD just insert the CD in your CD or DVD drive and a dialog opens asking you if you would like to import the CD, if you don’t want to import all the songs click No, and ckeck only the songs you want to import and them click the “Import CD” button.

The next step to import music in to your iPod is to connect the iPod to your computer and then open iTunes. Select iPod in the Devices section and go in the main iTuners browser window selecting the Music Tab. You will have the option to import all songs or your favorite playlist. You can also sync podcasts, movies, audiobooks and photos.

After you decided what to import on your iPod from iTunes click “apply”, please do not disconnect your iPod while this process is in progress, disconnect it only when you get the message “iPod sync is complete” on screen, you will also see the message “OK to disconnect” on your iPod.

Now the fun can begin; playing podcasts, audiobooks, songs, and games on any iPod with a display is easy, all you have to do is simply choose a file from a menu and then press the Play/Pause button to start playing; if you want to pause a song or something else just press the button again. You can use Previous/Rewind or/and Next/Fast-forward buttons to navigate through audiobooks, songs, podcasts or playlists.

When a song or an audiobook is playing, your iPod is displaying the song details onscreen, such as the artist name and song name, the iPod will also display a progress bar that shows you how long the file has been playing on the left and how much time is left on the right.

The Click Wheel helps you turn the volume up or down, all you have to do is to scroll the Click Wheel while an audio file is playing and the volume will change.

You can also find songs to play by artist, album or song name.

This is short manual of iPod Nano. Is not difficult to use once you get used to it and we are letting you discover for your self other things iPod Nano can do. If you want more information you can always access the Apple website and there you will find there anything you want to know about Apple products.

Is easy to fall in love with this product the sound and display quality are very good; a big plus is that when a song is played at a lower volume you do not hear the background noise that is so common in other players. On the other side, at a high volume the sound quality is remarkable and that confirms the reputation of Apple products in this area.

The battery last if you are playing music al least 14 hours and if you are playing a video at least 5 hours.

There are many voices which are saying that the iTune software could have been better realized or that the iPod could have survived with out it, the arguments against are that you can only connect your iPod to the computer with iTunes installed and only with this software you can download iTunes music, games or movies.

This issue remains at the discretion of the person who buys the product if he/she considers that the software helps him/her manage the iPod better.