Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Free Southpark Episode Downloads For Ipod

South Park is a famous American TV show that appeared first in 1991 and was produced by two guys who were students at the time. It may look like a cartoon, but it surely isn’t meant for children and also not for the most prude of us. It is considered to be among the three most popular and watched American cartoons, after Tom and Jerry and The Simpsons. Its huge popularity is given by its fresh and courageous approach of such delicate subjects that are really interesting for the public, such as religion, abortion, politics, and also all the events in the life of the American people like elections, floods and hurricanes. Of course the four characters react in a very unusual way, but they have the nerve to say what most people would not dare, even if they may think the same.

The story is presented in a very humorous way and the characters, four children living in the small town of South Park use a licensed vocabulary most of the time, which was one of the reasons why this popular TV show was contested and criticized. Despite all the criticism, it has a great popularity among the young people and they are looking forward to seeing new episodes the moment the last one finished. Of course you can watch this cartoon on TV, but sometimes you are too busy to be able to watch it, so you will obviously want to have it and watch it on your iPod, whenever you can find the necessary time. It should not be that hard, but what if you can do that for free? I mean you can find some free South Park episode downloads for iPod if you look close enough. You can even find some brand new episodes, not necessarily the ones that have been broadcast long ago.

It is very convenient, as this way you can take your favorite TV show with you everywhere you go and when you find some free time you can enjoy an episode or two. Besides, it will come displayed on your favorite device and, even if the tv screen is considerably bigger that the screen of your iPod, the first one does not give you the portability and independence the ipod gives you.

I dug up the internet pages a bit and I could find more episodes from South Park, both older and more recent, most of them in .avi or .mp4 format that allows you to watch them on your iPod. If you follow these links you will find some free South Park episode downloads for iPod:,,, and . Be careful, as some of these web sites offer more versions of the same episode , each of them compatible with a certain electronic device. Just choose the one specifying “iPod version”, download it and then save it on your iPod. Now you will be able to see what your favourite characters are doing in case you missed an episodeor if you simply want to watch it more than once.