Sunday, July 21, 2024

Small Businesses and iPad Applications

The iPad is a product of Apple, which is known as a small tablet computer designed for various purposes. Many people utilize this device for personal management, entertainment purposes and maintenance of social connection. The product has been won critical acclaim worldwide. Thus, the company is working on the future and advanced generations of iPad to be introduced in the coming period. However, many people are unaware of the complete usage of the facilities available in this machine. Access to around 270,000 applications is a major benefit of this device. Subsequently, these applications can be utilized for educational and personal purposes as well as expansion of businesses. In fact, Pad applications have become a great booster for small businesses.

You must be wandering about the exact usage of the Apps for carrying out business and earning profits. There are many ways, which can assist you to use these applications for expanding the industry which is currently at the small level. Following are some applications that are most popularly used by the investors and producers.

Office documents and record-keeping: The most important part of the your office work is to keep records of the transactions done with the clients. Also, maintaining records of employees is another vital task. For small business, not many entrepreneurs can afford large data-base services. For such employers, following Apps can be of use:

Pages: It helps to create and edit different documents like brochures and letters.

Keynote: This application is extensively used to create and show presentations, project reports and Annual reports.

Quickoffice Pro HD: If you want to use Microsoft documents on your computer, you can add and edit them by using Quickoffice.

GoodReader: This facility can be used to view and share all documents that are saved on your iPad.

MobilEcho: It organizes and manages the secured access to file servers and provides data protection facilities.

SharePlus Office: It avails the opportunity of sharing the important documents with your colleagues and seniors. Also, you can access the information shared at a common share-point.

Maintaining reports and work-flows: For running any business successfully, planning and delegation of the duties is necessary. Unless you take down the business plan, you would not be able to get a clear idea of the implementation. To serve the similar purposes, following applications can be used.

Jeppesen Mobile TC: This is actually helpful application for the airlines business. Pilots can connect to the main terminal and access information of airways through this.

Board Vantage: It manages your board meetings by updating and storing the minutes of such conferences and providing access to related documents.

Numbers: The application works as a tool to create and share charts, calculating sheets and reports. You can add and edit data in these sheets to keep them updated.

Total for iPad: This a specially designed App for the architects. They can create and draw floor-plan or interior-plan, when they are on a field visit.

FileMaker Go: It maintains and shares files. So, you can easily search for the files, restore them and share your business plan.

AutoCAD WS: You can use this facility to view and edit 3D files, which are important for planers and model designers in civil engineering business.

Analyzing performance and accessing financial data: For expanding a business and achieving new opportunities, it is essential to make timely analysis and judgment of the performance. Also, you have to put yourself on the test to make constant comparison with the competitors, so that you get motivated to perform in a better manner. You can use following applications for this purpose.

Roambi: It is a kind of visualizer that provides various graphics and video reports for your analysis. You can use them to create business metrics.

SAP business projects: SAP is basically a financial reporting system. This application, based on the special SAP softwares, provides access to the company’s documents pertaining economic statements.

Micro-strategy Mobile: It helps you to view updated charts and graphs along with visuals and forecasting reports.

Qlik view: It is real-time commenter and showcase of your company’s financial status in the market.

PushBI Mobile: It is a kind of application that provides you with the performance and operations of key factors and important indicators with just one click.

Analytics HD: It showcases Google analytics for financial reports and charts. Thus, you can access such information without surfing the Internet.

Apart from these applications, still a large number of Apps are useful for various operations to be carried out by the businessmen. The proper and appropriate usage of these applications will help the small business to grow and to reach to new markets. Also, it assists to save money for larger operations by avoiding infrastructure and administration costs.