Sunday, July 21, 2024

Skype For iPhone

Skype for iPhone is a VoIP communications application that offers you the possibility to chat with other Skype members for free, and in addition call landlines and mobile phones when you buy credit. Skype is available in every country in which the Skype store can be found, and it already has a pretty large market in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

At first Skype was used to place calls to other Skype users, at international level and then it was develeped and now it is used also for landlines at a reduced rate, so if you have friends and family abroad, the application is a very good alternative to classic telephony. You might not use it if most of your friends and your love live within a 500-mile radius. If your home has a weak cellular signal but strong Wi-Fi, you can successfully use Skype instead of mobile networks. A low-rate VoIP service, like Skype is for example, will cost you much less than mobile networks’ charges. iPod touch users can use VoIP applications, like Truphone and Fring or Skype to make calls, even the iPod has no telephone hardware.

A disadvantage is that you can not make free calls if you are on the road, only if you find a Wi-Fi connection, but this encourages users to use A&T; hot spots, without incurring extra charges. Skype uses your iPhone adress book from the dialing screen and you can easily call someone who is not in you Skype buddy list, using the credit you have purchased. Since Apple doesn’t let users to have more applications running at a moment, you will not get an alert for the missed calls u have while logged out from Skype.

If you use Skype for iPhone, you will be able to hold the phone up to your ear as you would use normally the phone, but this application is compatible with a headset and speakerphones too. You will need a headset with microphone if you use Skype on iPod Touch.The new Skype for iPhone doesn’t allow users to make videocalls, though the technology is somewhere out there, and one company, iVisit has presented its video conference call feature for at least two years.Anyway, the first VoIP company which will manage to get there first will undoubtedly get all the glory because mobile video is essential these days.

Skype For iPhone

You can not foward your mobile calls to your Skype number, but I think that most of the people are using Skype for iPhone to dial out, if they have a phone date planned, or when they are travelling and they must make a break in an airport. Due to Apple’s regulations, in its 2.0 version software the applications cannot run in background.

If you have an iPhone and want to make a call in another country in the world, you might want to travel to that country to initiate a Skype call rather than using AT&T; and its huge charges. There should be no problem initiating a call from France to a French landline (take into account that calls to mobile phones will cost more).

Skype for iPhone has many advantages, but disadvantages too, and if you are patient and follow the updates and the developments made on this software, you might have a pretty useful tool installed on your iPhone. If you are conscious about your contact’s costs, you might try other communication methods: IM or e-mail, which you can easily check on iPhone while doing other things.