Sunday, July 21, 2024

OrbLive 2.0 Is Out

A few months after the iPhone and iPod Touch reached 2nd generation, the media application from Orb Networks known as OrbLive just got updated to reach its own version 2.0. OrbLive is all about accessing media located on a certain device via others you may have, for example running a video on your computer and broadcasting it to your Xbox, your father’s smartphone, and your sister’s digital photo frame.

The latest version of the software comes with the ability to record live media, so live TV or Internet content can be easily put aside for later viewing, and text search allows now an easier way to find shows or stations. That’s not all, since there are also new options available for easier favorites management, while playback enhancements now allow you to navigate inside any file, as well as use a zoom-in function to get a closer look at particular content(just be sure you’re alone when you’re zooming on…we-know-what, ha-ha-ha-ha!).

Available via the App Store for $10, OrbLive 2.0 can also be taken for a free ride, offering a trial version limited to playing only three random titles from each media type.

The last and sad part of the story is that, for now, the service requires a PC, but support for Linux and Mac is on the way. After all, it would be extremely ridiculous to have an app for the iPod and iPhone only compatible with PCs, don’t you think?