Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Pandora, Free Radio Reloaded


I usually listen to the music I want, despite the fact it is always a pleasure to remember those days when enjoying some FM radio station was one of the greatest pleasures of life. Hey, I even worked at a radio station for a few weekends, more like a hobby than a job! Well, now with Pandora, free radio can get back in my life. Unfortunately, it’s “Pandora free radio app for iPhone, but paid data transfer,” since not all good things in life come for free, after all…


The big news is that Pandora for iPhone has been updated to version 2.0 a bit earlier this week, adding a bunch of new features and making it the best iPhone app I can think of. I know you may ask why, so let’s try to check a few answers in the long features list!

  • Album covers finally have backs!(I really hate downloading some tracks, paying for them, and only having the front cover of the album)
  • The ability to tap the album icon at the top right of the “Now Playing” screen has been added, same as in the iPod or Music applications.
  • When rotating Pandora 2.0 to landscape orientation, the view switches out to Coverflow.
  • A new feature that still seems to have some problems will allow the creation of genre-based stations – obviously based on a musical style, rather than on a particular seed artist or song, as before.
  • The Sample button enhanced the Bookmarks feature, allowing you to play 30-second samples from your bookmarked items.

Pandora free radio 2.0 for iPhone is a free update to an already free application, so you can update it right on your device, or via iTunes, it’s your choice. It seems radio is far from being dead after all, don’t you think?