Sunday, July 21, 2024

Best Free iPhone Apps

Sometimes the reality may surprise you for the better or for the worse. In the last category I might just include, today, Storm8 LLC. When I first started to write about the top three free games on App Store I had no idea that Storm8 LLC will have a game in the top with every written article, until today. You might be surprised to find out that for some time now Storm8 LLC hasn’t released any new games, and even if they secretly released one or two games, they surly didn’t end up on the top three free games on App Store. Maybe users decided to take a break from social networking games, and decided to try out some free versions of full paid applications. The first application is on the top three free games on App Store, is not developed by Storm8 LLC, but it is developed by Gameloft.

On August 28, 2009, Gameloft released the latest version of “Guitar Rock Tour 2 FREE!”. This application provides more music than the “Guitar Rock Tour”. You basically get more of everything, songs, environments, and other new features. You can currently find “Guitar Rock Tour 2 FREE!” on App Store under the Games category with the latest version, 1.0.5, available for download free of charge. This game was developed for both second and third generation operating system for iPhone mobile platform. Also, the “Guitar Rock Tour 2 FREE” works on both iPod touch and iPhone running the proper operating system. In the free version you only get one mission, to pay at either drum or guitar with your band in front of the Statue of Liberty. The only song you can play is “Born To Be Wild”.

However, the full version of this game provides with sufficient features to keep you entertained, such as the new track list including over 18 songs (“I Love Rock ‘N Roll”, “Paranoid”, Call Me” and many other more). You can either play the guitar or the drum, but whatever you chose, don’t play one single note wrong because your audience will not appreciate. A nice feature is the multiplayer mode, where you can play with anyone you might like to challenge. However, you need a steady internet connection in order to play this mode. Basically this game will be appreciate (either the free or paid version) by anyone who likes rock music.

The story line is not fundamentally important because this game is all about challenges. The game play is quite nice, providing good replay feature. The graphics are indeed amazing, even if this game is a little static in animation. The sound effects and soundtrack is well thought, since the game delivers excellent audio quality. To complete the user experience Gameloft also added great controls (intuitive, easy to use). “Guitar Rock Tour 2” provides ten tour stops locations, like New York, Egypt, and even Tokyo. Basically the free version will only determine you to purchase the full version. I am guessing that anyone played by now at least once Hangman, either on paper or on computer.

Since many applications for the iPod touch and iPhone replace the actual writing on paper, it was only a matter of time until Hangman game would be converted to an iPod game. On August 18, 2009, seller Yongkai Lei, under the’s umbrella, released the latest version of “Hangman Classic Free” a dark and twisted, yet excellent word puzzle game. You can currently find this application on App Store under the Games category with the latest version, 1.3, available for downloading free of charge. It was developed to work on both iPod touch and iPhone running either the 2nd (later than the 2.1) or 3rd (from 3.0) generation of operating system for iPhone mobile platform. This game provides you with two game modes (if you can call them game modes), the chalk on blackboard hangman, or the pencil on paper hangman. It is needless to say that the graphics are common at beast, nothing extraordinary, no exciting environments, or impressive sound tracks.

This game screams “Free of charge” within every base code. The controls are simple, because you only have to choose letters from the onboard alphabet keyboard. You only get two controls within the game, settings, and new game. The words are selected within eight different categories, such as World countries, Colors, Family, Food & Drink, Clothes, Body Parts, Fruit and Vegetable, and the Standard English words category. As it was to be expected the full version offers more features than the free version including SAT vocabulary category, Transport category, Flowers category, Animals category, Sports category, GRE vocabulary category, and basic standard English words category.

The third application on the top three free games is an extremely funny speed action game, which you will remember for at least six months after you get bored of it. On October 13, 2009, Kin Hyowon released under the D&Tech 7’s umbrella the “Slap Star Lite”, one of the most addicting free action games found on App Store. You can currently find this application on App Store under the Games category with the latest version, 1.2.3, available for download free of charge. This game was developed for both iPod touch and iPhone running the 2nd (from 2.2.1) and 3rd (from 3.0) generation operating system for iPhone mobile platform. The story line is straight forward. The leading character is night clubbing woman, which finds she is alone in the middle of a full moon night. She must fight in order to survive the zombie attacks. The controls are intuitive and easy to use; just touch the screen to slap the zombies with her purse (touch in the direction where you want her to flip her purse).

The game will end when your health points will drop to zero. The game provides two basic game modes, normal mode and mania mode (which is a race for your life against time). Indication: tap the screen to hit your purse when the zombies are near and not before. With every new released version, the developer added several new features including pause button, score management, world ranking (in the 1.1), new zombie mode (1.2), and health points added (1.3). Basically the “Slap Star Lite” is a great game, even more it is free. Therefore, you get many features for no fees, pure action fun for free, a true bargain I might say.

Overall, today’s top three free games on App Store, is quite dynamically mixed. The first game is just trying to convince you to buy the full version. The “Hangman” game and the “Slap Star Lite” are good games which can easily be played within the free version. It is basically not necessary to buy the full versions, since these last two games provide all the fun you might need or want.