Sunday, July 21, 2024

New Application PhotoForge for iPhones


People that have a passion for photography have dreamed of having on them a mini photolab to allow them perform the art of editing; GhostBird Software did it brilliantly with the new application PhotoForge for iPhones. It is an image-editing app that enables the user to edit photos, apply effects and filters, and to create illustrations and paintings using the necessary tools.

Starting PhotoForge app you have the options of selecting what is there you want to do: to start with a blank page, to open a photo that you already have or to take a picture with your iPhone’s camera. Automatically seven icons appear on top of the screen that represent the tools that you need to: Zoom (that enables you to see down to the finest detail), Brush, Eraser (which lets you erase everything but the original photograph), Paint Bucket (allows you fill the page with any color), Eye Dropper, Smudge and Clone Stamp (enables you to select a part of the image which can be used wherever you want to paint, duplicating it). At the bottom of the screen there are other several options for selecting the color, transparency, the type and size of brush (8 different brushes from hard to soft), to adjust curves, undo and redo and select effects and filters.

photoforge-for-iphonesCurves option is the possibility to create your own filters, adjusting the curves for RBG, CMYK, and CIE lab. This option influences everything that has to do with editing a image, including color, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. Filters option has 13 adjustments among which Noise reduction, exposure, Blur, Simulated HDRI, Hue/Saturation. There are present another 15 Filters to include Dreamy, Sepia, Black and White, Watercolor, Neon, Television and other more.


PhotoForge gives you unlimited undo and redo actions so that you don’t have to worry in case you make some mistakes. Even when you receive a phonecall the application is interrupted for when you finish your talking to be able to continue from where you have left it. This editing possibility is comprised in an elegant and intuitive interface enabling you to navigate in a simple way among the multiple options. Tapping the screen PhotoForge’s interface disappears and you are left facing the full screen of the canvas. The way in which everything is at your fingertips reveals a good performance on behalf of GhostBird Software.

Finishing your editing or creating the application allows you to save up to four different output sizes: 640×480, 800×600, 1,024×768, and 1,600×1,200. PhotoForge appears itself to be the Photoshop that you have accessible at home on your PC only in a mobile and smaller size. Not to mention that easy-to-use application provides some editing tools that one hasn’t previously seen on a mobile device. So it would be no overreacting on our behalf to say that PhotoForge application reveals itself as being one the most powerful app of its sort that exists in the App Store and it proves to be a must for the artistic creators or any other person interested in image editing. One last thing PhotoForge is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch that runs iPhone 2.2 software update.