Saturday, May 18, 2024

Koyono BUILT

I know Steve Jobs pulled out the MacBook Air out of an envelope when showing it to the world for the first time, but I am sure nobody is carrying this precious piece of hardware in an envelope! Obviously, even other laptops need to be properly protected, and today I just found two great solutions for this problem, which I hope you’ll like at least as much as I do.

Both products I am going to tell you about come from an online vendor named Koyono, with the first one being a sleeve, and the other, a backpack. Both have only one purpose – to help you carry around and protect your laptop. The sleeve, being sold as BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeve, can be seen in the picture above, and the details are coming up right over!

Built from a thick neoprene layer able to stretch to accomodate various notebook sizes, the BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeve has 3 exterior pockets for extras, and can be purchased in one of the S, M or L sizes. The list of available colors is pretty long, and I am sure most people can easily find at least one color to match their taste. Here are the color combinations available: Fiery Orange Exterior / Duffle Green Interior, Black Exterior / Powder Blue Interior, Brown / Mint Green Interior, Olive Green / Evergreen Interior. Pricing? Only $45.00!

Next, we have the BUILT Laptop BackPack, “a slim laptop bag made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh, and sports a anatomically contoured look.” What’s so cool about it? Well, when I saw it for the first time, it looked like a bulletproof vest to me, and that’s pretty cool. Its features include 3 compartments for laptop, power adapters and iPod/iPhone, adjustable sternum strap, but it’s only available in M and L sizes, with the list of colors to choose from being Olive Exterior / Evergreen Interior, Black Exterior / Powder Blue Interior. Obviously, this is also manufactured using protective, lightweight neoprene. Its price? For now, $79.99.

These are just my two picks for MacBook protection today, but you can simply go to an pick your favorite. Just remember to get back here and drop a comment, all right? Happy shopping!