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I guess by now you already know that the ’80 are back in style. No I am not talking about style in the fashion industry, more rather I am talking about the new Altec speakers for iPods (Shuffle, Classic, Nano, and Touch) and iPhone. The Altec Lansing Mix iMT800 Boom Box is the reinterpretation of the ’80 portable audio (playing cassette tapes). Unfortunately, the portability is not necessary a key feature in the new Mix iMT800 Boom Box. Even Altec placed its product on their home page under the category “speakers for home”. Therefore, the idea that Mix IMT800 Boom Box is an ultraportable device is based on wrong premises. Why? Let’s take a look at this device’s dimensions.

The Altec Lansing Mix iMT800 Boom Box has a height of 19.6 cm (7.7 inches), wide of 50.0 cm (19.7 inches), deep of 23.6 cm (9.3 inches). Even if it’s lightweight, the Lansing Mix IMT800 Boom Box is a large device that uses eight d sixe batteries (when on the run, and not plugged in). However, its impressive appearance is mandatory in order to revive the ’80 speakers look. This is wonderful in terms of functionality. Once you will unpack the Mix IMT800 Boom Box, you can either the device to the plug (just connect the AC adapter cable plug into the speakers system’s jack, and plug the AC adapter into the wall) or install batteries in the speakers for a better portability. This, however, is a five step process.

First make sure that no iPhone or iPod is in the system dock, and for that matter of fact no other devices are connected to the system. After you check, the first steps unplug the adapter from the speaker system, and open the battery compartment (on the bottom of the Lansing Mix IMT800 Boom Box). Further, you install the eight D size (LR 20) batteries in the battery compartment. If the batteries are correctly installed you should get up to 30 hours continuous music playback time.

After you install the batteries just close the battery door. Even if you are listening to music with your speakers plugged or with batteries on, always turn the system down once you are finished listening. Because the Lansing Mix IMT800 Boom Box offers full compatibility with all the iPods and iPhone, it was only natural that Altec provided adapters for all of these devices in order for them to connect with the system. What can you find on a Mix IMT800 Boom Box?

On the top of the system you get, a seven band graphic equalizer (multiple EQ modes let you select your sound), dual AUX IN jacks (to connect up to two additional audio players), Clip on full feature remote (with the following buttons and features, power on and off, source button, volume decrease button, volume increase button, track forward button, track back button, EQ button, play and pause button, FM preset buttons), also on top of the system you get the track back button, track forward button, FM antenna, two AUX IN jacks, power / volume increase / volume decrease knob, EQ button, and source button. In front of the speaker system the first thing you notice is the high contrast LCD (battery indicator, and FM stereo indicator), guard for iPhone or iPod, music pause (automatically pauses music when a call is received on your iPhone), universal dock for iPhone and iPod, the excellent speakers with extraordinary bass, and the grab handles to provide a better portability. A nice feature is that you can connect up to 4 Apple devices (or at least 2 Apple devices and to non dock devices) to the Mix IMT800 Boom Box.

The sound offered is excellent. You can actually hear all the great specs Altec provided for this system, powerful bass (XdB bass, with improved subwoofer and tuned radiator – 5.25 inches or 13.33 cm subwoofer and 5.25 inches or 13.33 passive radiator), audio alignment, and excellent EQ presets. Altec provided in the shipping box, besides the Mix IMT800 Boom Box, two AUX cables, full feature remote (using Irda), adapters for all iPod models and iPhone, AC adapter, and the mandatory user guide and quick connect guide. Overall, this Mix ITM800 Boom Box developed for the iPod but compatible with iPhone is the best balanced system on the market, offering not only excellent sound quality and full connectivity, but also a great retro design (solid build and excellent material quality).