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Macbook Refurbished Aluminum

On October 14, 2009, Apple Inc. announced at Cupertino conference, in Santa Clara County, California, the release of a new MacBook product, the aluminium unibody model. This had as a principal feature a totally new chipset made by Nvidia, a multinational company specialized in the graphics units development and chipsets for personal computers and mobile devices.

This chipset added a system bus topology with 1066 MHz, a new DD3 memory system that brought the ability of transferring data at a twice rate speed. Also this model have an integrated GeForce 9400M graphic card that it is up to 5 times faster than the initial chipsets of MacBooks. It have also a Mini Display Port, as a replace of the old mini-DVD port, and a backlight display LED.

The touch pad it is made of glass and acts exactly like a mouse button, translating the motions and the positions of fingers faster and more accurate. Following the ecological idea, they removed the toxins like mercury from its composition.

Apple Inc. updated this line of MacBooks on June 8, 2009, as MacBook Pro and FireWire was reestablished in a FireWire 800 port form.

Chasing its design line we will find that the Aluminium MacBook it is modeled after MacBook Pro, which was, itself, a copy of MacBook Air. This model it is a little bit more slim line than its predecessors and have some sharpened edges. The keyboard of some higher type of models have a back light which helps the user to have a better contact with his MacBook in dark conditions.

Gizmodo, a technological blog who is making constantly reviews on electronics, concluded that the Aluminium MacBook is their favorite, Â but also said that, at that time, the display was lower than those from MacBook Pro or MacBook Air models, because of its more diminished viewing angle, its washy colors and the more subdued back light. Likewise Engadget, a multilingual blog, and AppleInsider, a rumor site about Apple products, concluded that these are extraordinary good choices but dragging attention to the lower display’s quality in comparing with the Pro and Air MacBook models. Also, Peter Cohen said that the missing of FireWire port it is a real inconvenience for some of the users, but, for most of us, it shouldn’t be counted as a deficient.

On the technical part, we can see that the Aluminium Unibody MacBook have a 2.0 GHz  Dual Core made by Intel, two slots for memory reaching 2 GB which can be expandable up to 4 GB, a graphic card with 256 MB memory shared with the main one, which can be available up to 512 MB in Windows, using Boot Camp. Its Hard Drive have 5400 rotation per minute and a capacity of 160 gigabytes or 250 . If you want more space you can ask for an optional feature which will include a 320, 256 or 128 gigabytes serial ATA drive as a solid-state, a long-term storage hardware that does not have moving parts, typically faster and quieter than a traditional hard drive. The internal slot can maximum write at a speed of 10x for rewritable CDs, 8x for DVDs and 24x for normal CDs. It can read at an 8x speed for DVDs and at 24x for Cds. The used operating system it is the Mac OS X, 10.5.5 version, also known as Mac OS X Leopard. Its weight it is not that big and can reach 2 kg. The dimension attributes are small and make this notebook perfect for every person and desktop or space. It have only 24.1 x 325 x 227 millimeters.

The user serviceability it is easier and let them to fix and upgrade the model without any inconvenient, unlike its elder precursors. As an example, when you will need to access an interior part you will need to remove only the polycarbonate outer case. For the replace of the hard drive or the memory cards you will need to remove only its battery, following the instruction books that Apple provides with this device.

Some earlier models of this product experienced some random close downs but, after some period of time , MacBook resolved this problem through the replacement of the processor conductor and some firmware upgrades.

Apple provides also, for the Aluminium MacBook model some optional features, including the use of a hard drive that can go up to 7200 rotations per minute.