Saturday, May 18, 2024

Power Adapter For MacBook

Apple MagSafe 60W Power Adapter for MaBook is a discussed product from Apple because it seems to be good while it lasts, but this is foe a short period of time. This power adapter for your macbook comes with a magnetic DC which helps the plug to make a secure and quick connection. The power adapter has a LED, if the LED is green this means that you have a full charge and if the LED is amber this means that your macbook is charging. This power adapter comes with an AC wall adapter and an AC cord. It is light, great for travel and has a nice design. The power adapter will charge your macbook while it is on sleep mode, on or off and it will also charge it if you choose to operate without a battery.

The cons of this product are the followings:

-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â The plastic wire cover will eventually break at the connector and the power adapter will become useless

-         The faulty design make it useless after a few uses because the ultra thin cord will eventually break and if you are one of the “lucky” ones you will see the covering cord in a melting process and them the end of it.

This product is patented by Apple and it is specially made for macbooks, therefore if one lets you down you will have to buy a new one with the same money (about $80) and the same problems. We don’t know why Apple doesn’t wake up and to redesign this product because it has a lot of flaws.

It seems like all the power adapters from Apple have the same problems as the one above, because the next one we are going to present you – Apple Potable Power Adapter 85 Watts – has the same negative features.  The life of this power adapter for your macbook is about one year, because the wires are covered with cheap plastic that will wear out eventually and will expose the wires. The wires exposure is dangerous because it can lead to wires burning and if you are not close to your macbook it can cause serious damage to it.

The best way to keep your power adapter for mabook running in a safe mode is to try not to put any tension on the wires, because that tension makes them to break or melt down. And when you charge your macbook, don’t leave it alone because if a smoke or sparks come out you will lose the power adapter and also your macbook.

The biggest problem with this device is the part where you connect it to the macbook, this is the part that will melt and wear out in the first place, therefore be very careful with this part and keep an eye on it when you charge your macbook.

If you need a power adapter for your macbook when you are traveling with your car, you can try the 175 Watt Power Inverter Car adapter from Wasabi Power. This power adapter can be use on any car, because it transforms your car lighter socket into 120 V, which means it transforms it into a standard electrical outlet. Whit this product you can charge and run your macbook from your car lighter in a safe way because it has an overload protection and a short-circuit protection. This power adapter is also good foe your mobile phones, game consoles and cameras. It is very lightweight and compact and it is compatible with the following macbooks: 13-inch MacBook and MacBook white. You can find it on at a price of $78.99.

The next power adapter for your macbook is also from Apple, but you can use this one when you travel by plain.  This power adapter is made for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook. It works with the DC power ports you can find on almost every commercial airliners and it is very small and light. Now you will never miss the end of a movie because the battery of your macbook runs out in the plain. The adapter doesn’t require any set up.

You will find a few power adapters on the market which are made by other companies for your macbook, but don’t try to save money on them because they won’t work. One example of this is 60w AC Adapter/Power supply from SIB at only $22.17. The company says this power adapter is for Apple MacBook but it doesn’t work. First of all, the regular apple attachments and the extension will not work with this product. Second, the battery will not charge and your macbook will work only if the adapter is in. Don’t get your hopes up if you see that your macbook recognizes the power adapter because it will fail in charging the battery.

Even if the power adapters from Apple have their flaws, they work for a limited period of time (for about one year) but this one doesn’t work at all.

Overall you have only one choice if you want to purchase a power adapter for your macbook and that choice is Apple. Apple should consider the costumers opinions and take a closer look at their power adapters because they have a lot of things to change and they can make them better. A better price, better materials and better product quality – this are the things we aspect in the near future form Apple in the power adapter department. Let’s hope they will come true.