Monday, April 15, 2024

Macbook Pro Accessories

Everyone needs a good display. At work, at home, connected either with your PC or notebook a good display is needed. The current trend is bigger the better. Therefore look for a good solid (over 20 inches) display. As all the other manufacturers, Apple tries to convince the customers that their new LED Cinema Displays (flat panel) are the best on the market. The 24 inches LED Cinema Display has a great design. It’s made of aluminum and glass. Therefore the display aligns in design matter to the new MacBook Pro line (13, 15, 17 inches). Also the LED Cinema Display, like the latest generation of iPod, iPhone and Mac notebooks and computers, features new technology as the LED backlight (which is mercury free) and the arsenic free glass. The glass and aluminum design make the LED display very recyclable.

The display is also free of BFRs and PVCs in all internal cables and components. Other technical specifications include screen type – TFT active matrix LCD with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, up to 16.7 million colors. The display boosts an impressive brightness up to 330 cd / m2 with a viewing angle 178″ horizontal and 178″ vertical. The LED Cinema Display is designed for the MacBook. Therefore don’t waste your money on this display in order to connect it to a PC. The new diplay is compatible only with Mac computers with a Mini Display Port, including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac mini and iMac. The LED display sports three powered USB 2.0 ports and Kensington security slot.

The USB ports will also allow you to charge your MacBook. The connectivity is ensured by the Mini Display Port. This new kind of connector has no pins and doesn’t need screws to be fixed. The LED Cinema Display attaches to the new MacBook line, MacBook Pro line and MacBook Air. Also you can connect the Cinema Display to desktop computers that have a Mini Display Port (Pro, Mini and iMac). By using this kind of new connector the attaching the Display is even easier and faster than before. By using the Universal Mag Safe connector the MacBook connected to your Cinema Display will charge itself.

The excellent quality of the monitor is represented by the crystal clear and bright projected images. The 24 inches LED Cinema Display has no problems in a light control environment, text is sharp and clear. Reflections are present but they are not more distracting like the ones from the MacBook Pro. Also the glossy finish makes graphics; photos and video appear in rich color and deep black. Because of the new LED technology the Cinema Display powers up fast from the display sleep. Also LEDs are environment friendly because of the mercury free construction.

An extra touch to the specs list is the built in iSight camera with microphone, built in 2.1 speaker system and USB hub. You can have videoconference with your MacBook closed. You can listen to music without headphones. The quality of speakers is good, nothing extraordinary. You should use external speakers for excellent quality music playback. Because the LED Cinema Display meets Energy Star requirements it receives a gold rating from the Electronic Environmental Assessment Tool. The input voltage is from 100 V to 240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz. The maximum power consumed is 212 W when charging MacBook Pro. In the energy saver mode the Cinema consumes 1 W or less.

The dimensions of this device are impressive. With a height of 47.84 cm, wide of 57.32 cm and deep of 19.71, it weights a good 9.5 kg. Beside the actual display the containing box comes with AC power cord, cleaning cloth and printed documentation. Pro arguments: it looks like a work of art; the picture is bright, sharp and clear. It connects excellent with a MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini. For the typical consumer this LED monitor is usable.

For someone who needs a color accurate display for professional quality works this Display is just a waste of money. Other bad feature is the short cables. For this price the connectivity should have been better. Also the lack of inputs (lacks simple DVI port). If you have more than two Apple products then one of them for sure has dead pixels. The same goes with the LED Display Cinema, who comes with one or two dead pixels.

Overall this is a good display with high quality, good color support and excellent style. But you are the only one who can choose what is good for you, your work or quality time. If you are planning to buy the 24 inches LED Cinema Display then you should know that you need to format the audio and camera for each program like Skype or iChat. Although the cables are really short, you can hide them behind the central stand. Therefore check this display in a Apple store than buying it from straight from the internet.