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Mac Book Keyboard Protection

If you want to protect your MacBook’s keyboard against dust, accidental water drops or finger grease one way to do it is a keyboard “skin” or keyboard cover. These keyboard cover offers a lot of protection against hair, crumbs, dust or liquids.

In the next lines we will present you many types of keyboard protectors and the features that make them a good and wise decision.

iSkin keyboard protectors have a great combination of protection and style. Your MacBook keyboard will be safe from: key wear, staining, odors, dust mites, bacteria, mold and fungus, dust and debris, snacks and crumbs, hair and fur and last, but not least, drips and spills. This keyboard protector has a great feature – a Microban protection which offers a cleaning action that keeps bacteria away from your keyboard.

ProTouch is the name of this great keyboard protector which is made from high-grade silicone. This material is very flexible, soft and long lasting. The Microban feature doesn’t allows bacteria to grow inside of your MacBook keyboard that can cause odors, stains or can even deteriorate your keyboard.

ProTouch is made to cover perfectly each key and is designed for a normal typing with extra comfort. It is easy to use and clean; you can wash it with a water and detergent and then dry it and put it back on your keyboard. ProTouch is made for all MacBook types: MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

-         The fist type is ProTouch Classic; this one has a low-profile styling but offers maximum protection to your MacBook keyboard. This type offers a clear view of the keyboard’s arrows and characters. It gives you a great and soft typing experience. It is only available in translucent clear for a low-profile design and style.

-         The second type is Protouch FX; this one has a lot of great features, like: it can glow in the dark making the typing easier at night when you don’t have your light on; the keyboard has a pigment that allows it to glow blue when the light is off. It has LED backlight compatibility and it’s designed with high-contrast key caps – the contrast is available in 3 colors: purple – glow white, black – glow white and red – glow white. All this cool features come with maximum protection.

-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â The third type is ProTouch Vibes; this one has keyboard shortcut characters and enlarged key characters with great style and maximum protection. If you want to find the right key combination, this type has printed keyboards shortcuts to help you.

KB Covers is a company specializes in protective covers and keyboard covers. The large type keyboard cover is made from MacBook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air with the following types: 13.3 – inch MacBook, 13.3 – inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro, 13.3 – inch  aluminum unibody MacBook, 13.3 – inch MacBook Air, 15 – inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro and 17 – inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. This keyboard protector is design for the people who have a hard type reading the characters on their keyboard or suffer from visual impairments or molecular degeneration. The keyboards for KB Covers are made from ultra-thin and durable silicone with every key individually printed and molded.

This keyboard cover protects your MacBook keyboard against: dust, hair, crumbs, oil from fingers and liquids.

If you want a simple keyboard cover, you can try Checkerboard keyboard cover made for all MacBooks. This keyboard has a simple design with the characters printed on clear silicone. It is easy to clean and it is hand washable.

Searching for a unique style? You can find it at KB Covers with Blue (Aqua) keyboard cover. This keyboard cover it looks great but is also able to protect your keyboard from crumbs, tear, spills and general wear. This keyboard protector offers you a soft and enjoyable typing and it is also very durable.

You can find a lot of great keyboard protector at KB Covers, like Clear keyboard cover that comes in green, purple, blue and pink silicone suitable for every MacBook.

VisiSkin keyboard protectors are made for people who want to reduce eyestrain or have visual impairments. This keyboard skin is made from durable silicone and provides a visual relief and a large print. Beside your eye comfort, this type of keyboard protector keeps your MacBook keyboard safe from crumbs, spills and dust. Fits perfect to your laptop and you don’t need adhesive or clips and the most important thing – it makes the typing quieter and easier. All the VisiSkin keyboard protectors are hand washable.

Mac Book Keyboard

Macessity keyboard cover for Macbook Pro works with any MacBook Pro 17-inch or MacBook Pro 15-inch. This type of keyboard protector lets the backlit keyboard to shine through. It has a nice feel and protects your MacBook’s keyboard from dust, spills or other foreign objects.

All the keyboard cover we mentioned above are made from durable and soft silicone, but the next one is made from thermoplastic urethane. Moshi Clearguard is the thinnest keyboard protector you can find on the market due to its material that made it only 0.1 mm thick. The Moshi Clearguard is completely clear and you won’t even notice it while typing. If you don’t want a keyboard protector that will change your laptop’s look this is the one for you. You can barely see it after you placed on your MacBook’s keyboard and at $25 is a great deal.

If you want to protect your laptop’s keyboard you should purchase one of these keyboard protectors or others you can find on the market. The most important feature of a keyboard cover is that it has to provide soft and comfortable typing and it has to offer great protection to your laptop’s keyboard.