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iPod Touch Games

On May 14, 2009 Big Fish Games released “Titanic: Hidden Expedition”, a casual yet captivating game for the iPod touch and iPhone running the third operating system for the iPhone platform. Big Fish Games is a provider of internet media delivery software applications and games. The company was created in 2002 by Paul Thelen. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. Although Big Fish Games provides software solutions for many categories, the most important line is the games line. Most of the games delivered by Big Fish Games can be found in free trial and not just in full versions.

“Titanic: Hidden Expedition” is a part of the casual games, very successful fame category for about 10 years. This casual console games where created in order to replace the old digitally distributed casual games. This category felt three major changes. The first wave started with “Bejeweled” and “Zuma”. Excellent games played by anyone by now. A few years later “Betty’s Beer Bar” was launched, followed by “Diner Dash”. Both games are about management and represent the second wave in the casual game category. In November, 2005, Big Fish Games released “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville”. This game is the third wave for the casual game market. “Mystery Case Files” was an instant success that inspired the new series “Hidden Expedition” and “Hidden Mystery”.

You can find “Titanic: Hidden Expedition” with the version 1.0 on the App Store at a listing price of $0.99. The story line is very realistic. On April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The game puts you in the shoes of an employee of the Titanic Museum. You are in charge with the recovery of artifacts from the wreckage. You will go on a great expedition in order to find all the hidden objects through the remains of the most known shipwreck in history. “Titanic: Hidden Expedition” provides 17 unique locations on board of the RMS Titanic. Your mission objective is to retrieve as many artifacts from the Titanic.

iPod Touch Games

A nice feature is that every time you will play this game, the artificial intelligence that controls the game play will randomize all hundreds of items in different places. This is game is comfortable to play even in the subways or on bus, because not only you can play in both landscape and portrait mode, but also you can listen to your very own music library. Also you can use the fully integrated music controls if your device is updated with the latest iPhone operating system, and if you have the special headset available as an accessory. This game is very educational. Therefore if you or your kids want to learn more facts and figures about the Titanic, you just have to play the game. “

Titanic: Hidden Expedition” is an entry level game. It is easy, casual and fun. It will not crash your iPod touch or iPhone. It will probably just run smoothly. Therefore if you are interested in purchasing a great casual game you should probably give “Titanic: Hidden Expedition” a try.