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iPhone Case

Your iPhone is very precious and the best way to protect it is buy it the best case or cases you can find on the market. We will help you make a decision by presenting you a lot of iPhone cases to choose from.

Marware Sidewinder Deluxe is a case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. It has a retractable sidearm cord winder, a scratch-resistant shell case and smart holder. All these features make it very flexible and you can carry your iPhone wherever you want in the safest way. The protective shell gives you a sleek case and makes this case ideal for your bag, purse or pocket. It provides you great access to the iPhone, it is slim, has the ideal blend of protection and fits almost anywhere. It has a dual purpose: it can be a holster case or a shell case. The Marware Sidewinder Deluxe includes: multiadapt clip base, clear shell case, clear protective film, belt clip and your own microfiber cleaning cloth. It has a lifetime warranty and it can be yours at $29.95.

Belkin Slim-Fit Case is for any type of iPhone including iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 3GS. Offer you full functionality and protection for your iPhone. It is easy to carry and is lightweight. The case provides a belt clip and the nylon makes it durable. It has a slim profile, rigid and light layer that protects your iPhone and padding made especially to absorb all the shocks.

Griffin Elan Clip is a holster case made for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Is an elegant outer case from leather and it has a shell made from durable polycarbonate. The polycarbonate offers to your iPhone a great look and a lot of protection. The belt clip is able to rotate at 180 degrees so you don’t have to remove your iPhone from the belt if you want to check it. You can also use this if you want to watch a video or a movie on your iPhone because the clip be locked in an extended position and you can use it as a stand when you are watching your favorite video files. It has a thin screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer is a side case for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch and other iPhone and iPod models. You can choose between 2 models: the one made from leather or the one made from microfiber material. The front compartment is especially made to hold your iPhone, your iPod or your glasses. The case has an inside compartment in which you can hold your passport or other electronic devices up to 6-inch long. The case, also, has a cash sleeve, a mirror and 5 credit card sleeves. This is a multifunctional case that gives you many ways to wear it.

Another side case is Cellet Horiziontal Noble. This one has a horizontal loading that keeps your iPhone secure and safe thanks to a dual magnetic closure. Cellet Horiziontal Noble case is made from velvet material inside and leather outside. It also has a spring clip that will help your iPhone or iPod to stay in place.

Sena Cases for any iPhone model have great colors, elegant looks and a slim design. Has a rigid and light protective layer made from leather and shock-absorbent padding. The case comes with a belt clip and holes for your iPhone’s speaker.

Marware C.E.O Glide is a top case for your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. This case offers you great protection, quick access and a slim profile to your iPhone. It is made from Nappa leather and it has a dual strap system that helps you to remove your iPhone from the case and to secure it. The interior in made from microfiber that helps to keep your iPhone clean and scratch free. The company provides lifetime guarantee for this product and it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a protective film.

iSkin solo FX is a skin case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. It provides bold colors and great style. The case offers protection against dirt, scratches, impact and dust. The cases are available in vibrant colors, they are temperature resistant and come with mirror film. You have access to your iPhone;s camera, headphone, docking port and screen.

OtterBox Impact for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is a skin case with a slim silicone layer. It has great durability and it is able to absorb all the impacts. You have access to all the functions, button and ports through the case and it is very comfortable to wear.

The next case is fully transparent and very fashionable, designed especially for your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. Smartphone Experts Full HD offers you full access to your iPhone without removing it from the case. The case is washable and it comes in many colors.

Aquapac Handheld is a wheatear resistant case for iPod touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. You like to swim a lot and when you go in the water you can leave your precious device alone, here is where this case is perfect because it is fully waterproof, sun light and salt-water resistant. Now you are able to keep you iPhone or iPod dry and clean in any conditions, and free form sand, dust and dirt. Your device will float in water and you will be able to place receive calls even you are in water with it.

Marware Sportsuit Convertible is a workout case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. This case is 3 in 1: it can be an adjustable armband case, slim profile sleeve or a clip-on case. Has a vinyl display protector, stretchable neoprene skin, it is lightweight and slim. If offers you easy access to buttons, microphone, dock connector, speakers and minijack.

iPhone Case

These are some of the best iPhone cases you can find on the market and the price we pay for them can be between $10 and up to $50 depending on the product or the brand.