Saturday, May 18, 2024

How To Connect iMac To A TV

If you both yourself an Apple iMac you now that the quality of the display is great, the movie are great and both of the displays (21.5 – inch and 27 – inch) have a 178 degree display view. This feature is available thanks to its in-plane switching display technology which gives you great color consistency even if you are looking form the side.

27-inch display is a big one but if you want something bigger you must connect your iMac to your TV and the in the next lines we will present you the steps and the things you need to know if you want to connect your iMac to your TV.

Let’s start with the 27-inch Apple iMac. This model has a Mini DisplayPort for video output. This is the slot that you should use in order to connect your iMac to your TV. The next step is to check out if your TV can support the connection and that means that your TV has to have one of the following ports: HDMI port or S-Video port – this ports are for the video signal and it also has to have an audio in port.

Once you figured out the port, the following step it to by an Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter. You can find this product on Apple Store with only $19.00. This adaptor is designed for the Intel Core 2 Duo processor but it also works with 12-inch PowerBook G4 and MacBook. So if you have the last two Apple products you can also use this one to connect them to your television.

This adapter is great because you can use it for your TV, but also if you want to connect your iMac to your VCR. The adapter connects your S-video or HDMI port to your iMac’s Mini-DVI port. If your television has both HDMI and S-video ports and if you want to get the best picture you should use the HDMI port.

Once you both the Mini-DVI to Video Adapter you need to by a cable, because this in only the adapter and you also need a cable to make the connection.

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter is for the video signal from the iMac and you should know that the video signal doesn’t carry an audio signal; therefore you need to have or to buy a separate cable in order to connect the audio out oh your iMac to the audio in of your television.

One good cable for this job is the next one – Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 1080p Video with Digital Audio Adapter. You can find it at at a price of $69.99.

This adapter also works with MacBook Pro, MacBook and Mac Mini. This is a great product because it combines the full HD 1080p video with a 5.1 audio digital support. This product doesn’t need a power source because is made to be connected to your iMac’s USB port. The input video signal is for Mini DisplayPort and the input audio signal is for Apple MiniJack port. This product also supports uncompressed 5.1 audio channel and compressed 5.1 audio channel like: Dolby Digital and DTS Digital.

Once you have this product you need to connect it from the audio output port from your iMac (this port is also used for headphones, so the headphones port is the one you are looking for) to the HDMI input from your TV.

If you purchased also this product you are done: the audio signal and the video signal from your iMac to for TV are connected. These are the things you should look for when you want to connect your iMac to your TV.

Therefore keep in mind the things you need to have to successfully connection your Apple iMac to your TV: your TV has to have an HDMI port, S-Video port, Video port and some others like USB port or A/V port.

And your iMac is ok the way it is, but you have to buy a Mini-DVI port and you have to buy also a cable which makes the audio connection between your iMac and your TV.

If you want to connect your iMac to an external projector or display you can do that, but you need to have a VGA Digital Adapter. You can find this adapter on Apple Store at a price of $29.00. This adaptor gives you the possibility to connect your iMac through its Mini DisplayPort with a projector, a LCD which has VGA cable or connector or an analog monitor. Before you buy this product you have to be sure that your external LCD monitor, display or projector supports at least one of your iMac’s resolution and if it doesn’t you will not be able to see at the external monitor.

Now you know a couple of ways to connect your iMac to your TV. Don’t forget about the image adjustment – in order to have a better view you can adjust the image from your monitors control panel. And once you have connected you will be able to see your favorite movies, TV shows, pictures or images slideshows on a big screen. You can even play your favorite games or you can invite for friends over for a movie night and a lot of popcorn.

Apple iMac with this great feature gives anyone the possibility to see what they want on a bigger screen and that is great.