Sunday, July 21, 2024

IDC has Conducted new Research on Apple’s PC Market

IDC, is a subsidiary of IDG (world’s leading technology media, events and research company) that provides market intelligence, advisory services and events for the information technology and telecommunications. Its services are spread in the world of IT professionals, of the business executives as well as in the community investment areas, in order to help taking decisions based on fact regarding the purchases of technology and business strategy.

IDC Research Group has conducted new research on Apple’s PC market in order to compare the first quarter of 2009 global PC shipments to the ones made in the second quarter and it was revealed that again they were coming in ahead of expectations, since the Apple’s US market share remained the same, although on the US computer vendors list they have dropped one place. As to the worldwide PC shipments (that include desktop and portable PCs, without x86 Servers), IDC’s Wordlwide Quarterly PC Tracker has predicted for last year a decline in shipments of 6.3 percent, whereas these proved to be only 3.1 percent down.


The decline was diminished due to the PC industry which evolved into more personal, portable, and more affordable devices rather than on those oriented on performance; in fact, IDC claims, these portable PCs are still the object of the shipments’ volume and growth around all the regions. Loren Loverde, program director for IDC’s Tracker Program, declares that these results indicate a positive step forward on the PC market, with new products being launched in the second half of the year that land on a background of seasonal growth and increased economic confidence. This favorable background is nourished by various factors – government stimulus, a more stable stock market and interest rates, progress recorded in the auto and financial industries. All these factors are expected to lead to a considerable growth by the end of the year.

On the other hand, Bob O’Donell, vice president at Clients and Displays dept., says that although the indicated growth may lead to a recovery, the market’s interest on getting lower prices for PCs and Mini Notebooks, can drag the value of the market to lower levels as well. Due to priorities other than spending cash, the commercial segment didn’t show any motivation in lowering the prices, remaining more conservative on this matter. But with the new shopping season of the second half of the year it is expected to be seen a recovery in the commercial space hopefully culminating with a boost growth in 2011.

According to the US’s PC vendors list the top five vendors are: DellHPAcerToshiba, and Apple which dropped one place selling 1.213 million Macs during this period, a selling that is less than the one recorded in last year’s second quarter of 1.385 million. Worldwide the top five PC vendors do not include Apple, unfortunately, these ones – with their positive or negative growth – being listed as it follows: HP, Dell, Acer, Lenova and Toshiba.