Sunday, May 19, 2024

How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano

iPod Nano is much more than an mp3 player. You can put audiobooks, podcsts, files and other data, video files and photos on your computer and then download them into your iPod Nano. You can also play a lot of games, you can set an alarm to wake you up in the morning or you can store text notes.

To download songs on your iPod Nano first you must connect it to your computer. The iPod Nano comes with a iPod Dock Connector, you must plug one end into your iPod and the other end into a USB port from your computer. iPod Nano has a default setting that allows it to import songs when you connect it to the computer. If you agree with the music transfer you must not disconnect your iPod Nano from the computer until the process in completed. Then you can click the Eject Button which you can see in the iTunes Source list.

When you connect your iPod Nano to a computer iTunes will open automatically; to download songs on your iPod you must first get them into iTunes on your computer and you have 3 options to do that: the first option is to import music from your audio CDs on your computer and then on iTunes, the second option is to download podcasts or buy audiobooks or music from iTunes Store and the third option is to add music from your computer to the iTunes.

To import music from a CD to iTunes you must insert the CD into a computer and then open iTunes. If you are connected to the internet iTunes will search the Internet to find the name of the songs you have on your CD and then it will list them, if you are not connected to the Internet you can type the songs name manually. To do that you must select in iTunes the first song on the CD and then choose File and then Get Info option. Click on Info, then type the song name and then select Next button to type the next song name. You must deselect the checkmark from the songs you don’t want to download on your iPod and then click on the Import Button. If you have songs you want to import, you can do this process with all the CDs you have.

If you want to view a track’s lyric while you are listening to it, you can do that by copy/paste the track lyrics from the Internet of you can type them manually. To do this you must select the song you want and then choose File and Get Info. The next step is to click on the Lyrics button, a text box will open and here you can copy/paste or type the lyrics. After you did that click on the OK button.

To purchase music from iTunes Music Store you must set up an Apple account and then you can download audiobooks, songs, albums or games. iTunes offers you the possibility to browse through many songs, podcasts, audiobooks or albums. You can browse songs by music genre, by the mane of the album, the song, the artist name and the compositor name.

To buy a song you must click Music Store in the Souce list and then search want song you want to buy. You have the possibility to listen a part of the song, by double click on it, to see if that song is what you want. After you found the song you want you click the Buy Song button. The song will be charged on your Apple account and then downloaded on your computer.

If you have a lot of music on your computer and you don’t need to buy it from iTunes you can add it to the iTunes Library. It is a very easy process; all you have to do is to choose File in the Source List, select the Add to Library button and then select the folder or the file you want to add. You can also make a lot of playlists from the music you have and add them into iTunes.

After you imported the music you want into iTunes is very easy to download it to your computer. To do this, you must have your iPod Nano connected to your computer and then you have 3 possibilities to do it:

-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â the first one imports all the songs from your iTune library on your iPod but deletes all the songs you had on your iPod Nano. This option is “Automatically update all songs and playlists”.

-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â the second one downloads to your iPod songs that mach the songs in the playlists you made in iTunes. This option is called “Automatically update selected playlist”.

-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â and the last one gives you the possibility to manually update your iPod Nano. You can delete manually songs and playlists from your iPod and you can drag the songs you like individually.

Ipod Nano has many controls button for your music: the Menu button, the Previous/Rewind button, Hold switch button, Center Button, Nex/Fast-Forward button and Play/Pause button. The Center button and the Click Wheel allow you to navigate through the menu, to change settings, to play songs or to view information. To search for a song you must choose Music from the menu, to play a song first you need to select it and then press the Play/Pause button or the Center button. To change the volume of a song to must use the Click Wheel from the Now Playins screen. iPod Nano gives you the possibility to play the songs in a random order, for this to happen you must choose Shuffle Songs from the main menu.

Downloading songs on your iPod is not computer science as you can see, it is an easy process but you must very careful at what kind of options you choose.