Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Firefox 3.5, the Faster Version of 3.0

The releasing of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 is meant to bring in few extra features such as, speed enhancements, geolocation services, support for HTML 5, improved search feature, and an addition to the private browsing mode.

A result of one year of quest to create these features, Firefox 3.5 offers itself in nearly 75 languages and is available for OS X 10.4 or later, Windows and Linux. It is equipped with engines for both static web sites and JavaScript code, privacy features, new abilities to play video and audio files and search improvement tools.

firefox-35All this past year has brought in Google Chrome support for many of the web’s recent technologies, and the latest versions of Safari and Opera proved speedier access to the sites, as well. The need for faster browser is the complexity that websites (not only for social networks, or media sharing, but also calendars, e-mails and other office apps) have lately gained. Meanwhile Microsoft has released a new version of Internet Explorer, IE8, which also refer to privacy, safety and speed.

With the above mentioned competition, Firefox had to come up with something more impressive. And here it is: Firefox 3.5.

Why we are really into Mozilla Firefox is the feature that satisfies everybody: the massive speed gain. The last version, Firefox 3.5 is twice as fast as its predecessor. The faster proves to be the result of TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine, with its new tools that enables JavaScript code to be on the same level with native code, as well as an add-on performance improvement.

As to the specification for HTML 5 we can say that it is already incorporated by the latest browsers supporting many of the abilities that HTML 5 affords. This support enables video and audio embeds without the use of Flash plug-in. tough it is a free download for Adobe’ Flash Player, Mozilla believes that it is too restrictive to require a plug-in in order to listen to songs or watch videos. The result was incorporating these capabilities into the browser. The new browser reveals support for offline data storage and tools for designers to have their drawing improved. The most important side of Firefox 3.5’s HTML 5 support is the introduction of the feature called “web workers” that enables Firefox to access resource-intensive tasks in the background.

The other improvement brought in by the Firefox 3.5 version is the geo-awareness that allows you to see exactly where you are located by simply asking the Firefox. The next one is the private browsing mode that limits the information that your browser is putting together while you surf the websites. This feature is very useful especially on public PCs, for instance the ones located in internet cafes. Firefox 3.5 also enables a selective mode to choose which windows and tabs to be restored in case your system crashes. In this way it’s easier to put aside the problem sites without these interfering with your entire session.

Firefox 3.5, the faster version of 3.0, offers itself more flexible to our needs allowing our applications to run faster, cleverer and more at handy. But the good news is that Mozilla has some other aces hidden in its sleeve translated in other new versions to be released.