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Difference Between Apple iPhone 2G & 3G

iphone 2g vs 3g

The iPhone is an multimedia and internet enabled smart phone released by Apple Inc. It have some common features between every model like video camera phone, portable media player (PMP), an internet client with web browsing, e-mail and wi-fi. Also it have a multi touch display which renders a virtual keyboard in a QWERTY system as an alternative to the physical keyboard.

The iPhone 3G have a smoothie metal case with a black bare on the bottom. The front has a bezel made from shiny metal that ends around the display. The keypads are constructed from plastic and very easily to move. The headphone has a black plastic black and a mesh made from plastic which is hiding the speakers in front.

iphone 2g vs 3g

The 3G iPhone has a glass finish, available in black and white. This coating runs unbreakable around the phone, and ends in the same spot with the metal bezel. The keypads of iPhone 3G are made from metal, a shiny one, with the exception of home button. This gives them a more thinker feel at their touch, despite the old 2G model which had plastic buttons. Instead of the classic black case of the earphones from 2G model, the 3G model have a silver mesh, perforated. The same model of mesh is used also for the bottom speaker phone.

A difference between 2G and 3G aspect it is the 2 screws from the bottom side of the second one, which can be used for opening the case. Another big difference can be the new  headphone jack., but the main difference at the exterior between them is the case from the back side, 3G model being more shaped than the other one. The 2G model is rounded and shaped on the edges but flat on the backside. The 3G model the shapes are more pronounced and the phone is also wider than the original model. The display of the iPhone 3G is also a bit more warmer than the original model.

The upgrade from 2G to 3G didn’t make very many differences between integrated features. The 3G have GPS, and the capability to download files at a high speed, more higher than 2G. The GPS is very accurate , needing only few seconds to discover a location. Comparing to the iPhone 2G and the original iPhone, the new model it is distinctly more precise and a lot more faster. While the 3G show less bars, the 2G smart phone  full bars. You can make a simple test and try to download some software from Apple Store or browse the internet. The page update rate is bigger on the 3G version than on the other model.

Except this GPS and the 3G network, there isn’t any major difference between this two models of Apple’s smart phones or any other features.

iphone 2g vs 3g

Comparing the both models, you can see a huge difference between the hardware part, the software being mostly the same.

As operating system, both 3G and the Original use the iPhone OS 3.1.2, build as 7D11 and released in October 8, 2009. Both have the same battery of 3.7 V differing the number of ampere for hour, the 1st one having 1150 and the second a little more, around 1400. Both using a lithium ion polymer battery which it is internal rechargeable and not able to be removed.

As for processors there aren’t any differences neither here. The original 2G and the 3G iPhones have a Samsung 32 bit RISC ARM1178JZ v1.0. with 620 MHz that can be under clocked to 412 MHz  and a Power VR chipset from the MBX Lite 3D category. If the original had 3 variants of flash memory capacity to choose, the 3G model it is available only in 8 GB and 16 GB types, because they considered the 4 GB type a little more insufficient and useless.

iphone 2g vs 3g

Both iPhones have the same memory of 128 MB DRAM and the same display with 320 x 480 pixels, 3,5 inches, 2:3 aspect ratio, and 18 bit which provides 262 144 colors, all integrated into a LCD with 163 pixels per inch (ppi).

The input layout is made by the multi touching screen, the headset controls, the 2 proximity and ambient light sensors and the 3-axis accelerometer. Also, the camera have 2.0 mega pixels with geo tagging.

Excepting the Wi-fi band, the Bluetooth 2.0, the USB 2.0 and the quad band GSM, 3G also included for connectivity the A-GPS, a tri band UMTS/HSDPA.