Saturday, May 18, 2024

Compare And Contrast iPhone And iPod Touch

iPhone is the most advance and complex phone you can find today on the market and iPod touch is one of the best mp3 player you can find; both of them are made by the same company, Apple and now we are trying to compare and contrast them to see which features and options are the same, what type of technology they have and what makes them so special and unique.

Let’s start with the iPhone, the latest model is iPhone 3GS – this one is more responsive and faster then the 3G model. You can launch applications very quickly and thanks to the 3-Megapixel camera you can take high quality images and video. You can share them via e-mail, put them on YouTube or sync them into your personal computer and edit them. iPhone gives you the possibility to record your videos in landscape or portrait and you can trim it right from your phone. The camera is able to record up to 30 frames per second in widescreen or portrait. The camera offers you the possibility to focus on anyone or anything you want. You can zoom in or out the photo just by double-tapping your fingers.

iPhone offer its users the possibility to play the music they want or to make calls just with the sound of their voice. This feature’s name is Voice Control and it can search and find anybody in the contact list – just say the name of the person you want to call and iPhone makes the call. Voice control can be found in many languages like: Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, French, Swedish and more.

iPhone has a built-in digital compass and with the help of Google Maps can find everything you want. You have the possibility to find your way through a big city by car, foot or public transportation. iPhone uses cellular towers, GPS and WiFi for a more accurate location. If you want to find a specific location, for example a bar, coffee bar, and library just type the name or the address and iPhone will find it.

If you want to copy, cut or paste something from web to your iPhone you can do this with just a tap, you can copy images, videos and them you can share or send them to your friends. If you want to undo the process just shake the iPhone and the mistake is gone.

iPhone has an intelligent keyboard that can correct and suggest words while you are typing and if you don’t need it anymore it disappears. The keyboard has about 40 international layouts so you can even type in Chinese.

iPhone is a phone made for everyone, it has features for people with disabilities to help them to experience the iPhone. One of these features is VoiceOver an application that tells you what is on the screen just by touching it. You can zoom in up to 5 times in any application and if you are hearing with one ear, iPhone gives you the possibility to hear both of its channels in that ear.

iPhone has WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology, this means that you can connect to the Internet from everywhere you find a WiFi internet connection and thanks to the Bluetooth technology you can share your 3G connection with PC.

iPhone has a 3.5 inch Multi-Touch display, you can watch movies on this widescreen, you can browse through your playlists, songs, albums, artists, TV shows or you can buy them from iTunes Store.

iPod has the same type of LCD display as iPhone has with 3.5 inch. It has a Multi-Touch interface so you can enjoy at a higher level your movies, TV shows, podcasts and games. iPod touch has a featured called Genius, this feature can search what kind of music goes with the music you are listening and then makes a playlist just for you. To shuffle the songs just shake the iPod and it will play the tracks in a random way. iPod comes with earphones with remote and microphone.

iPod has 64GB hard drive, so this means you can store a lot of your favorite songs, movies or TV shows. When you are watching a video and you want to change the volume or pause it just tap the screen and you have the onscreen controls.

iPod touch has accelerometer technology, this means that in some games when you move your iPod touch from portrait to landscape the game follows, for example in racings or in labyrinth games when you have to guide a ball through a room full of holes and you have to be careful not to drop the ball into them.

iPod touch has the same features as iPhone when it comes to music, maps, mail, and keyboard because it is built on iPhone 3.1 technology.

The contrast between them is that one is a phone and the other one is a player. When you by them you have to think if the device you need is a phone or a player, because iPd touch is the best player you can find and iPhone is the best phone you can find.

The iPhone has only 32GB hard drive while iPod touch can be found in 32GB and 64GB models. If you want to play a lot games at high quality, if you want to watch movies, TV shows and to a library of music then iPod touch is for you.

If you want to have the most advanced phone, with GPS, video calling, a lot of applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, or video and photo editing software, then iPhone is the perfect smarphone for you.

The comparison between them helps you to choose what product is best for you.