Sunday, July 21, 2024

Christmas Fun On Facebook

Since most of our everyday tasks have online equivalents why not move a part of Christmas on the internet as well? Most of us spend up to 10 hours in front of a computer or a laptop and we are so covered up in our work, we forget that we sometimes have to shut down that PC and help our families with Christmas preparations. That is one way that gets us in the Christmas spirit. The other is Giftreez.

Giftreez is a Facebook application that allows you to have your very own virtual Christmas tree and decorate it with gifts you receive from your Facebook friends. When you first launch this application, you will see a picture with 6 different trees for you to choose from. At first, you tree will be small, but once you start gathering up points, you can upgrade the tree and make it medium sized or large. Gathering points is simple.

You have to invite as many Facebook friends as you can and convince them to install this application on their profiles as well. When a friend has installed the application and chosen one of the 6 trees available, you can see them in the “Browse treez” tab. By clicking on a friend’s tree, you will be directed to their page where you can vote that tree and give them gifts. For every tree that you like, you get one point and for gift that you give away, you get 10 points. You will also receive 2 points every time someone likes your tree and if they send you a gift that is another 5 points.

Gather 750 such points and you can upgrade your tree to medium size and if you gather 1500 points, you can have a really big Christmas tree. When you choose to send gifts to your friends, you have to choose between different decorations like glowing lights, beautiful tree globes and even candles. Just drag and drop them to your friend’s tree and if they don’t like the arrangement, they can customize the tree and move the decorations around as they please. You can do the same with the gifts that the others give you. Since this application is brand new, we’ll probably see more and more gifts available aside from the one we already have. Convince your friends to install the application and start giving and receiving.

That is probably one of the best parts of Christmas, the fact that you give and receive gifts. You can also be the number one decorator in your network but you have to gather as many points as you can in order for that to happen. The part is that these gifts you send are free but it probably won’t save you from buying some actual presents for the family. Also make sure your boss doesn’t see you playing with Facebook applications at work or he might forget about the Christmas spirit. It’s that simple, join in, choose your tree, invite friends and then let Giftreez begin.