Sunday, May 19, 2024

Can’t Open Jpeg Files On iMac

iMac, “Internet” Macintosh desktop computers is a unique brand of computers released by Apple in 1998. During that period Apple brought on market new and more powerful iMac devices.

Unique and trendy in technology (high resolution display with backlight led and IPS technology (an in-plane technology which makes each image or picture to be a perfect one), in hardware and software parts (like for example the Snow Leopard software that enables the Multi-Touch operations), in the external input devices (magic mouse which is the first multi-touch device in whole Europe, trackpad) and even in the operating system that iMac has, these devices offer you the experience you wished for in a very simple way. With hardware and software that work together in a synchronized way, iMac is considered to be a new generation of computers in the computer technology market.

Like any operating system and like any new thing that appears you always have to face with different problems. Even if they can to be called “stupid “problems, because of their difficulties (some of them may seem to be very easy to solve, but when you try to do it, it just doesn’t seem to work or you can’t understand why and how this is possible) these problems can stop you from watching a movie or having fun by accessing interesting files. One of these bad examples is the JPG files. Many people have found out that you can’t see iMac jpeg pictures. Why? How come such a standard JPG file can’t be recognized? The answer is MAC Finder. Because of it MacOSX has modified this type of file somehow.

Can you think of any solution for this problem? Did you confront with it? If so, please let me know about the type of the solution you have adopted. The JPEG standard stars after 0x80 bytes. If so you could try to delete the bytes before – cut 128 bytes from any picture. If you have error messages such as “the file may be truncated or incomplete” download a software that can identify the format of your image, can correct the errors or can even convert from one type to another. Usually the .jpg files on an mac, when trying to open them are blank. Even after repairing permissions this type of file does not seem to give up so easily. As a solution you should try to add the .jpeg or .jpg extension at the end of the file. There is the possibility for those files to come from sources that didn’t add the jpeg format. In conclusion OSX systems can’t recognize them. When adding an extension the Finder will ask you the following question:” Would you like to Add the JPG file extension to this file”. Click Add. In addition go to “get info”, after selecting the file. At “Name & Extension” option add a file a file format if the file doesn’t have one.

Moreover try to drag and drop the file with the help of the Preview application icon or try to right click on the file and choose Preview option. It could work! Usually the Preview option can open files though they may not have the format extension actually specified when downloading a .jpg or .jpeg file. Did these solutions help you? Let me know!