Saturday, May 18, 2024

Apple Satisfaction, 2009 Report

Apple Satisfaction

I guess I must be getting old, because otherwise I see no reason for me not to remember when we talked about Apple’s customer satisfaction level. Oh, yeah, it was sometimes last year, that’s for sure! Now, the time has come for some “Apple satisfaction” once again, although I must confess I wasn’t surprised at all to see the image below…

The story is very simple – as the latest report from ChangeWave Research shows, overall spending for both desktops and notebooks is going all the way down, since it has hit its lowest point in the last two years. Considering the fact that desktops released in the last 2-3 years can handle most daily tasks today, except some games, maybe, I wasn’t surprised to see that only 4% of respondents plan to buy a new desktop in the next 90 days, and 6% notebooks.

This may be roughly half of the planned demand expressed in 2007, but I think about me and I get the answer – I got a new dual-core machine with 2GB of memory and a decent video card at the end of 2007, and in the meantime I added a larger hard drive, and I won’t get a new computer at least for another year. It has nothing to do with the crisis, it’s all abut the need to get a new computer.

Now, speaking about Apple, we see them grabbing over 25% of the purchase intentions in both desktop and notebook markets, but when it comes to “Apple satisfaction…” 81% of those who got some Apple computers said they are very happy with their new machines, while ASUS got the second place with 67%, followed by Acer and Sony, with 61% and 56%.

No words about Vista satisfaction this time, and I think things are clear – there can be such a thing only for masochists!