Sunday, July 21, 2024

Iphone Customer Reviews

Are you ready for the second coming? Not ready? If you’re scared, don’t be – I am talking about the second coming of the iPhone, what were you thinking of?!? Oh…whatever – here’s the deal – while we should still wait for at least 3-4 days until the first iPhone customer reviews popup, the press already started talking about Apple’s new baby. Obviously, we’re talking about the new¬†iPhone 3G, since the older one already got huge media coverage. The good part is that some of Apple’s favorite journalists already had the chance to play with the thing, and here’s what they think about it..

Just as a side note – as you have probably imagined, I am not one of Apple’s favorite journalists yet, but I am working on it! ūüėČ Now, let’s see what’s the opinion of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times on the new iPhone’s capabilities, shall we?

First of all, let’s see what Walt Mossberg, from¬†The Wall Street Journal, has to say:

– As expected, the iPhone 3G is much faster than the original version.

– The new iPhone “mostly keeps its promises.” Sorry, but I disagree with that. Just think about the iPhone 3G videoconference capabilities(none available? yeah, that’s right!)…

– Once you enable 3G, the battery is being drained much faster than the battery of the old iPhone.

– If you like to go on the street with music playing out loud on your iPhone, then the 3G version is better for this purpose – the built in speaker is much louder, no matter if you’re playing music or having a speakerphone conversation.

– There are plenty of improvements in the software of the iPhone 3G.

USA Today’s Edward Baig also¬†reviewed the iPhone 3G, so here you have the highlights of his article:

– According to Edward’s experience, most websites load in up to 30 seconds while using 3G, which is much faster than on EDGE, usually taking an extra 30 seconds, or even more.

– While the plastic back makes the iPhone 3G feel “perfectly comfortable,” it seems it’s also improving reception, as Apple confirmed.

– “No equal among consumer-oriented smartphones.” Are you sure? What about the¬†Samsung Instinct? Don’t hit me, that was just a thought…

– Apart from better overall audio quality, the headphones are also better.

– The conclusion is that “Apple has raised the bar with iPhone 3G,” so the journalist awarded “an enthusiastic thumbs up.”

At last, David Pogue, working for The New York Times, also got a chance to write about his own experience with the iPhone 3G. His impressions?

– An interesting fact is that, according to David, there are 6 million iPhone owners in the world, as we speak. I thought this number to be at least 8 millions by now…

– Unfortunately, replacing the battery still costs $86.

– The GPS receiver’s antenna seems to be too small for turn-by-turn navigation of a full unit, and a “canyon effect” caused by surrounding buildings can sometimes block reception.

– Regarding the quality of phone calls, he also noticed a huge improvement in sound quality.

Well, you got the links, you can take your time and enjoy those articles by yourselves. If I think well, I hardly wait to see the first iPhone customer reviews popping up, because there’s no better way to measure how good is a product than the satisfaction of the end-user. Obviously, it all takes time, but since the iPhone already spent a year on this planet and there’s nothing really bad to say about it, I am sure the iPhone 3G will follow on the same path!