Monday, April 15, 2024

Where are apple computers manufactured?

When you hear about Apple, you have to know that is one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the industry. Not only that their engineers create IT technologies, but they create products that are necessary in our current life, practically, a way of life. Many of us know that Apple is an U.S. brand, but the question is, how many of you know where are apple computers manufactured?. I think not many, taking into consideration that they don`t find it very important.

Well, let me tell you about the ones who manufacture computers for Apple. Two large IT solution brands manufacturers in the industry are named Foxconn and Inventec. If you never heard of them, that may happen just because they arenot U.S. brands, they are from China. Yes you got it, the answer for the question where are apple computers manufactured? is quite simple. They are made in China. Now you may find this problem very delicate, considering the fact that Apple is a U.S. brand, some of you would ask: why should they manufacture their products in other countries, and not in the U.S. Well, that question is not so reliable, considering the fact that almost half of our earths products are made in China. But why China, why would Apple manufacture their computers there? The answers are simple: cheaper hand work, it`s a poor country, but with a strong economy, and last but not least, they have the biggest population on the globe.

Foxconn and Inventec are two powerful brands that not many of you heard of. When Apple signed a partnership with these manufacturers, the average worker, lived and worked in the factory, doing more than 60 hours of work in a week. If you still ask yourself where are apple computers manufactured , or maybe why are they manufactured there, you would probably understand, that due to the fact they will make a fortune out of that, saving millions, you may consider the fact that in a factory work approximately 200.000 workers, making it`s profits bigger day by day.

Now, if you still having problems understanding why is Apple manufacturing their computers in China, you would understand that at the large scale that Apple products are build, they have to satisfy their clients, improve the product line, and nevertheless getting their profits bigger. If you take a look at annual targets that Apple has, you will find that, each year their product sales, number of workers and profits are still in a permanent rise.