Monday, April 15, 2024

Why Telepresence Robots Are Beneficial for Manufacturing Companies

telepresence robot

The current problems posed by the worldwide pandemic are causing significant disruptions in the manufacturing industry. Travel restrictions, mandated teleworking, and enhanced hygiene procedures established to protect workers’ health all have real-world consequences for businesses.

Telepresence robots are becoming more popular as a solution for meeting the industry’s new needs. They are not only a good alternative for fostering solid management of manufacturing processes, but they also facilitate certain previously unknown areas of a company’s overall activities. The applications of robots discussed in this article demonstrate the many advantages of telepresence in manufacturing.

If you have an equipment problem, you can get help from afar

Dealing with machinery troubles is one of the key obstacles of a production line because the manufacturing sector relies significantly on specialized equipment. Telepresence robots allow factories to call on the assistance of their workers or specialist technicians no matter where they are. By obtaining control of a robot, a technician may quickly assess the situation, identify the problem, and direct the physically present staff to remedy the issues.
As a result of telepresence, it is now feasible to:

• Reduce the time it takes to move an employee from one location to another, or a specialized professional who has to travel to multiple sites or cities, to respond to an emergency.

• No matter when they’re in the world, they may access the knowledge of the most competent people for the specific difficulties they are facing.

• Real-time conversations and solution-finding are made easier.

• Reduce your travel costs and charges.

telepresence robot
Image Source: Unsplash

Customers will be able to see your assembly line

Interaction between a supplier and its client is important because strong business partnerships are defined by trust and openness. Allowing clients to freely access the site using a double telepresence robot can help them comprehend your manufacturing structure while also increasing proximity.
The usage of bots in this setting allows you to:

• Interact with your consumers in instantaneously and reply to their problems and queries.

• Reduce the amount of time you spend travelling and the money you spend on it.

• Reduce the number of journeys to save time.

Stay in touch with your production team at all times and from any location

Multi-site firms and those who own many buildings, as shown in many of our case studies, confront ongoing communication challenges.
Telepresence allows you to:

• Reduce travel expenses, such as accommodation and meal bills.

• Reduce the amount of time you spend on the road to save time.

• Increase communication channels and team cohesion.

• Boost everyone’s efficiency by allowing them to communicate directly with the employees in question, rather than having to rely on a third party to relay a communication or get information.

Perform floor rounds

When a level supervisor is in charge of several places, going from one to the next can take up a significant amount of time. Telepresence robots allow you to cut down on real visits without sacrificing the jobs you need to get done, such as checking inventory, watching assembly or preparation operations, or communicating precise production or order requirements.