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Boost Website Traffic by Google AdWords

Google AdWords Melbourne Company

Nowadays most business owners have their business website. There are several ways available to boost your business. One can use media, physical holdings, or the most effective way today that is widely used is digital marketing. Google AdWords is a part of digital marketing that boosts your website traffic to a large extent.

Google’s search engine result page displays the ads, also the ads can appear on different websites that your customers visit. These ads are directly displayed on the search result page. Google AdWords is a wide section of digital marketing.

Several factors to be considered

Just by placing Google Ads, you can’t expect that your website traffic will boost. There are several factors to be kept in mind before going for Google AdWords. They are:

1. Proper Keyword Research

2. Max Pay Per Click Value

3. Rank of your ad

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned points one by one

1.Proper Keyword Research

All the efforts will be in vain if you invest money for Google AdWords on keywords that have little or no search volume. The right investment for the right keywords will bring more and more traffic to your website.

For proper keyword research various free tools are available like Uber suggest, google AdWords planner, etc.

2.Pay per click value

There must be a proper estimation of pay per click. There is a general formula that is used for pay per click. Pay per click varies from keyword to keyword. You only have to pay when anyone clicks on your Google advertisement.

Charges for Google AdWords

Though Google AdWords is a free service, it costs only if anyone clicks your advertisement. You will get the most competitive rate as compared to other methods of digital marketing.

Google AdWords Melbourne Company
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Method of your investment in Google AdWords

Mainly two networks are utilized for Google AdWords. One is the search engine network and another is the google display network.

You have to bid on the highest search keywords and your ad will be displayed on the search result for the relevant keyword. Paid searches are also displayed on the top and bottom of the website where the ad is placed and a small ad icon is placed with the ad.

Websites that are a part of Google Network also display ads and give advertisers a chance to pop up their ads on Google’s own network websites.

3.Rank of your ad

The rank of your Google Ads depends on your bid, whether you get a desired top position or lower position. However, not only the auction but also the quality of ads determine the position of your ad.

Quality doesn’t mean how much you invest but quality means how efficient work has been done on your business website. The landing page, heading of your advertisement, images, and description of your advertisement all determine the quality of your ad. You will get a quality score depending upon all the points mentioned. Quality score is also improved by the relevance of your advertisement.

Thus, it is proved that the better the rank of your ad, the more will be the number of visitors to your website.

If you own a business and have a business website in Australia, you can seek assistance from a renowned Google AdWords Melbourne Company and they will place your advertisement by using Google Ads and increase your sale number to a large extent.