Saturday, May 18, 2024

Things That Can Be Done With Apple TV

Apple Inc. never stops to surprise us. With Apple TV you can connect your TV to your Mac or even PC, if you run iTunes program, and you get access to a whole different world. A world where you can rent or buy movies, listen to music or radio, and watch a slideshow with your favorite pictures. With a simple HDMI cable, your TV becomes much more than that.

There are a lot of things that can be done with Apple TV. If you wonder what kinds of movies or music you can play on your Apple TV, the answer is any. Besides movies and music available on iTunes Store, you can also play what you own in your personal collection, but don’t forget to import the files into iTunes.

However, if your collection is not that big and you think about buying some stuff from the iTunes Store, here are some things you should do. First, you must sign it. For that, look for the iTunes Store in the Apple TV menu, and then select your location from the list. Go back to the previous screen, using your remote control and choose Sign in. Type your Apple ID and your pass code and that’s about it. For the actual purchase, in the Apple TV menu, choose TV Shows, for example, and after, one of the listed categories. Select Buy and a confirmation message window will pop up. Click Ok and the download will begin shortly.

When renting movies, things are about the same when buying. In the Apple TV menu, choose Movies, then one of the options listed. Search for a movie you like, select Rent and a confirmation message window will appear. Click OK and wait for your movie to download.

If you start having trouble with your Apple TV, a reset should do the trick. To do that with your remote control, press the Menu button and the Menu down/scroll button for about 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work, you can also try and find your answer on Apple’s homepage at their forum. If nothing you find there helps, you can dial an Apple expert to help you solve the problems.

If you are a new user and installing and configuring your Apple TV got complicated, on the same webpage you can find a lot of information on how to set the Apple TV. In addition, you can download a guide manual with instructions that will help you.

With Apple TV, you can also stream your photos, mix your songs and you can even set it to wake on demand. From time to time, don’t forget to download software updates so that your Apple TV will have always all the software needed to provide you the latest features.

It is always easier and more comfortable watching a movie on a large screen or to listen your favorite songs to bigger audio speakers. However, these are just two things that can be done with Apple TV. There’s a lot more going on, waiting for you to discover.