Saturday, May 18, 2024

Apple TV ‘Logitech Harmony’

For most people and their money, Apple TV is the best choice for media extenders. The only problem before at this adapter it was the missing of a remote. The Logitech Harmony remote works pretty fine with the Apple TV device, the only problem been that it is too small and it is easy to be lost.

Logitech Harmony Remote is an assembly line of remote controls made and sold by Logitech, made for an universal purpose. They was created in 2001 by Easy Zapper, a Canadian company and released in November, same year. After its success, the company changed its name into Intrigue Technologies and its base to Ontario, Canada. In may 2004 it was sold to Logitech for 29 million of dollars.

Their first product, Harmony 360, was configured to work with the 360 Xbox Console and had special buttons and media center controls right under the LCD display. They started after the release of the Harmony 510 model to produce remotes for the universal use. The last released in the Harmony line was the Harmony One model, on January, 2008. It features a touch color display and it is rechargeable. As the most reviews said, this model is one of the best universal applicability remotes commercialized today.

The software used on this remote allows the persons who is using it to update and reconfigure, learn new IR command lines and upgrade the firmware.

Elder versions of this software, present on the early models of the remote were only browser based. The new ones use Java as foundation, but they still need uninterrupted connectivity to internet for properly work, because their control codes and lines are downloaded from Logitech, admitting upgrades to the device’s database and to the codes and serials. This will allow to Logitech to study the market to decide and check the future upgrades , so that they will cover with next models all user’s necessities.

The control software from Harmony remote is agreeable with Mac OS X and Windows, but a group of researchers and developers are working to an operating system for Linux platforms.

The reviews for this universal remote are mostly optimistic and favorable. CNET networks, a media company from California, said about this product that is one of the excellent jobs in this domain because of its ergonomically and cosmetically design, its perfect shape for the hand, its back lighted buttons and, of course its functionality, precisely accurate for Apple TV.

To make this remote work with the Apple device you can follow this step -by -step guide, developed by users. After hours of trying to make the work properly, they found out that this is quite simple.

If you figure that it would be more simple just to memorize IR commands for every single setting you are wrong. That will never work and the remote will simply not sense the command lines and the Apple TV will move slowly or very lacking in completeness.

The trick is quite simple and you only have to add up a new Apple computer  and set and activate references for its buttons. You will also have to set its delays to 100 milliseconds. After doing this steps, go in Harmony remote’s software and click Add device. Choose “Computer” and two times “next”. Now choose Apple and again the “next” button. In the box below type this words: Mac Mini 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo and press next until you reach to the Main Screen again. From here, go to the Activities window and choose to add a new one manually. Press the Utility button and then the Generic Activity. Here you will be able to add or remove the devices that you don’t need. For sure you will want to leave the TV, the Apple TV device, your computer or the amplifiers for the sound system. Press next until you’re done.

To assign the correct buttons for the Apple TV device on the remote you will need to go to the “Apple TV activity” and click the “customize buttons” option. Than you will need just to go down and select your device and appropriate command lines. Now you are done. A simple and quick way to make your devices work properly together and let you enjoy your entertainment activities.