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The Features of Mac Mini

Mac Mini

Apple came up with another new version of Macintosh computers in 2010. This model was named as New Mac mini, due to its amazingly smaller size than the previous versions. It was announced with an innovative concept of BYODKM. The complete form of this concept is “Bring your own display, keyboard, mouse. The accessories were available in the market separately. However, the previous users were targeted by the company, as they were already possessing all these parts from Mac. Introduction of the thinner Macintosh computer with such a unique concept is regarded as a notable iconic step in the history of Apple. Following are some of the important features of Mac mini.

Design: Mac mini is made up of a thin aluminum body that has been carved in a single piece of the metal. The size would measure 1.4 inches. The outer look is quite attractive and decent as compared to the older versions. The well-finished and stunning model has definitely caught the attention of the users. The device has been made by CNC (computer numerical control machines), which eliminates any possibility of imperfection. The sound quality of the device has been upgraded to the newest development. Thus, you would not have external disturbances, while using the computer. Another advantage of the design is the availability of many ports. These ports help you to connect quickly with other devices. Optical disc drive has been eliminated from this version, as there is the inclusion of one additional disc drive. Thus, the compact and concise design will make this device easily portable.

Internal Processors: The model has been based on the Intel core processors of the third generation. The device is available in two types: 2.5GHz dual-core processor or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Corei7. Both these models give a powerful experience to the users. For the processor-intensive Apps, you can switch over to the Turbo boost that increases the speed up to 3.6 GHz. The memory provided by the model counts up to the 500GB or 1 TB. You can raise the flash storage memory to 250 GB in a new drive. So, you can easily surf the Internet or download an application. The manufacturers have added a new drive, known as Fusion, to the device. This drive comes with a combination of flash memory and hard drive. Around 130GB flash storage is available with 1 TB hard drive. This means you can store your photos, videos, most favorite apps in this fast and quick storage. Mac mini has been provided with a 4GB fast memory and removable panel. So, more storage facility can be added later, if required.

Thunderbolt Connectivity: The built-in technology in this device is comparatively fast. The inclusion of the Thunderbolt has added various facilities to this model. It enables you to do quicker data transfer; approximately twenty times faster than the USB 2. A single port contains a capacity to manage more than six displays. You can easily connect the Apple LED cinema plug to one of these displays and enjoy the facility of home theater. Apart from the thunderbolt, the other mediums for connectivity have been developed and provided with advancements. USB 3 allows you to get in touch with external memory storage and transfer heavy data in no time. Bluetooth has been improved by the predecessors. Thus, with using WiFi 802.11 and wireless blue tooth, you can easily surf and stream your favorite music. Also, you can get easy access to the data in other devices.

Operating system: The whole functioning of the Mac mini is dependent on the operating system named as OS* Mountain Lion. The system has been privileged with many built-in features. It basically collaborates with the Intel processor to deliver the best results. It has a multi-touch trackpad that is very handy to use. The system gets updated automatically, even when the device is in sleep mode. Also, the battery life for this operating system is quite durable and Eco-friendly. The light sensors start working on their own as per the external atmospheric conditions.

Mac mini server: The company has offered a configuration facility with this product that helps to load the OS server and other server components at the same time.

Apps in the computer: The normal applications like iPhoto, iMovie or Garageband are available in this device too. Also, you can utilize other built-in Apps like Mail, Messages, Calendar, Safari, etc. The Mac store or App store allows you to download as many applications as you want because of the high capacity of memory that is able to store them all. Using Launchpad, you can browse through various options available at Mac store and choose the applications that are suitable for your work profile.

The Mac mini is available in the market at a price of $599 and $799 for both models respectively. The device has been upgraded with the launching of Macbook Pro in 2011.