Monday, April 15, 2024

Obama Gives the Queen an iPod

Obama gives the queen an iPod

What can you get for the Queen, one of the few persons who have  everything? It seems like president Barak Obama has found the solution:  an iPod. Don’t worry, Queen Elizabeth II of England knows how an iPod works. She has another iPod, a 6GB Silver Mini Version bought at the suggestion of Prince Andrew. This time, on April (2009), Obama gives the queen an iPod.

Is seems that it contains video footage and photos of her visit in 2007 in America. This is not all, the President also gave Queen Elizabeth a  rare songbook signed Richard Rodgers. But what did The Queen gave to  Barak Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama? The answer is a silver–framed photo of herself and of her husband (Prince Phillip).

Obama gives the queen an iPod

Obama’s gift was a better one that The Queen’s gift, but let’s not  forget that Barak Obama surprised England’s Prime Minister (Gordon  Brown) with an “interesting” present. What was that? Well, for those of you who don’t remember/know, that gift was a box set of 25 movie DVDs (march, 2009). This was a bad idea because it seemed like a cheap present. Another problem was that American DVDs cannot be seen by using the  players that British have.

Now it doesn’t matter what happened because Obama had a better idea with the Queen’s iPod.  Her iPod contains  40 tunes from most of the  popular Broadway productions such as South Pacific, e West Side Story and My Fair Lady.

You can see that Obama loves technology because he had a  very tech-savvy presidential campaign. Besides this, he admitted he has a BlackBerry addiction. For a few years, The White House’s Web site has been available for online questions for Obama’s online town hall meeting.

Now, the question is:  was The Queen happy with her present? Her  majesty declared that she was “delighted” with her meeting. The American  President didn’t say anything about the gift he received from Queen  Elizabeth. The only thing that we can do is guess that the silver frame wasn’t such a bad present (compared to 25 movie DVDs).

The new Queen’s iPod contains video footage of the moment Her Majesty visited Virginia when George Bush was still a President. Bush suggested  that Queen Elizabeth should help and come to America’s celebration of  bicentennial in 1776 (not 1976). At that time, Bush made a joke and said about  The Queen that: She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.

Obama gives the queen an iPod

The Queen and her husband entertained Barak Obama and The First Lady  in her private audience room. This room is especially used for private meetings with the leaders that come in visit. The room has a view of the  palace gardens with thousands of flowers.

If you were surprised by the title Obama gives The Queen an iPod now  you know that her Majesty already had one, and we can only think that she was happy to receive a new version, a better one. And besides that,  this new iPod contains some of her favorites songs, so why shouldn’t The  Queen be happy?