Saturday, May 18, 2024

iPod Nano 3rd Generation

ipod nano g3

The iPod Nano 3rd Generation is available in 4 GB and 8 GB versions. The best thing is that this new versions have the same prices as their 2 Gb and 4 GB predecessors. If you’re interested in purchasing the new iPod Nano, you should know that the 4 GB models come only in silver, but the 8 GB one come in black, silver, red, light blue and dark blue (the red one is part of a project which fights disease in Africa).

If we’re talking about the aspect, then we have to say that the iPod Nano 3rd generation has that shiny-metal back as the full-size iPod does. That’s not really such a great idea because it scratches more than anodized metal and there are finger prints everywhere. It’s very comfortable and the Click Wheel is thinner and that means that it needs more precision when you are scrolling through the menu.

ipod nano g3

The Apple iPod Nano is wider because it was designed for a larger screen (2 inches, up from 1,5 inches). So you can watch videos just like on a larger iPod screen. Apple also made the screen with 65 percent brighter and it’s made if the same material as the previous iPods (rather that a durable optical glass used on the iPod Touch and on the iPhone).

You may say that the screen it’s too small, but the videos ca be watched with no problems. Also, the menu is really easy to use; the text is clear and easy to read. You can really say that the picture quality can be compared to the one of the iPhone, only it’s smaller. The dock connector port it’s placed on the bottom of the player and right next to it, it’s the headphones jack and the Hold switch. The dock connector port is placed in the center of the iPod’s bottom and it looks really good there and not awkward at all. Another good thing is that you can use any headphones you want with this iPod because it has a standard 1/8-inch plug.

As for the battery life, well, Apple says that if you’re watching videos, it will stay charged for about 5 hours. Now, it you’re listening music, then the battery can make up to 24 hours. Of course, the battery life can ne shorter if you frequently skip songs or if you use the iPod’s backlight for extended periods. We can say that iPod Nano 3rd generation is actually a winner because it’s been improved in almost every way and now it’s only a smaller version of the iPod Classic.

ipod nano g3

The only thing that you have to get use to is the smaller Click Wheel, the smaller screen and less storage. Instead you get an iPod with a smaller price and that matters if you want an iPod and of you don’t have the money to het one.The iPod Nano 3rd generation is really practical and it’s easy to use one. Because of it’s size, you won’t feel it like something uncomfortable, it’s almost perfect.