Monday, April 15, 2024

iTunes Statistics


For millions of people, iTunes is more than just “a digital media player application,” because I dare to say that Apple managed to turn iTunes into much more. I am not thinking about the fact that iTunes is the largest music retailer in the US, after reaching the second place last February, and I don’t even care about the fact they may be losing money, because I am sure Apple won’t go bankrupt because of this. In the end, I am sure the iTunes Store brings some serious profits, and today I have just found out something interesting about the songs on iTunes

Should I keep the truth hidden any longer? No, I guess not. I am stunned, that’s the truth. Apple’s smart moves have pushed iTunes where no music retail service has gone before! No, they didn’t start selling music to aliens just yet, but I am sure that will happen, as soon as we’ll have some aliens available. For the time being, the number of songs sold through iTunes has changed. Obviously, that number is changing every second, but I am talking about the BIG one. How big? 5 billion! Almost one iTunes song sold for each human on the planet(well, about 20% less, I guess, but anyway…)!

This is no rumor, because Apple has just announced that iTunes Store’s customers purchased and downloaded more than 5 billion songs, while the iTunes Store also has the largest music catalog online, with over 8 million tracks. Even more, the iTunes Store is now renting over 50,000 movies daily, turning it into the most popular movie store, too, with a catalog of over 20,000 TV episodes, over 2,000 films, of which over 350 are available in HD quality.

Impressive! To be honest, I am not crazy about iTunes, because I usually buy full albums, or at least singles. I am addicted to losless music, and most people I know feel the same, but that doesn’t minimize iTunes’ merits. Good job, guys!