Saturday, May 18, 2024

iTunes Sucks – Top 5 Reasons


All those who know me can acknowledge one fact – I would gladly dress in pink instead of installing iTunes, and pink is (very!!) far from being my favorite color. No matter how much I hate using rough language, some things need to be said(or written), and today the time has come to put forward one statement that may upset some of you: iTunes sucks!

Wait, don’t go, I am not one of those simply throwing the rumor/curse, and then dodging the incoming tomatoes/eggs/curses/whatever may come. I said that iTunes sucks, and I also have a few solid reasons to support my words. Probably at least a dozen reasons can be put forward before claiming that iTunes sucks, but I will only give you five. If I miss something really important, feel free to throw some tomatoes at me, and then drop a comment, but before that, here’s my top 5 reasons for iTunes suckage…

1. Incredibly high memory usage

and there’s no excuse for that. The main reason that I use Pidgin instead of Yahoo! Messenger is the incredible amount of memory taken up by the <-180×150 Small Rectangle – right->messenger app from Yahoo!, and that’s also the major reason for not using iTunes – there are plenty of better programs who eat less memory. A few times less!

2. No plugins

do I have to add anything here? I guess not…

3. No support for additional music formats

I said it before a few times, and I will say it again – I am 100% against online music purchases, as long as we’re not talking about the real thing – the audio CD/DVD. The price is almost the same, but the quality is in a whole different league. Usually, I grab my CDs as FLAC, and so iTunes would be completely useless to me. I know I am not the only one doing this, so…

4. When talking about huge music libraries, iTunes can’t handle them!

As I said above, I am one of those in the “losless league,” but I know some guys having huge music collections – think about two rooms full of CDs, audio tapes and vinyls, and over 300 GB of MP3 files ripped off that collection. This is a “no go” for iTunes, from what these guys are saying, and I have to believe them.

5. The interface and the library manager are both way below one’s expectations. 

Only thinking about iTunes trying to reorganize my files without asking makes me turn red-green-blue, and finally black, with a strong desire to smash it… lucky iTunes, can’t be actually smashed, unless I burn the setup package to a CD/DVD, then smash the poor disk…

Other than the above, probably you’ll find some more things to add, but I’ll stop here. As I was saying earlier, just throw your tomato or rotten egg, then tell me why are you running iTunes on your computer…or why you don’t!