Saturday, May 18, 2024

IPhone Mini


Look at these pictures for a while and then tell me what is your firts impression. Isn’t it right that you thought it was an iPhone made by Apple, maybe having a smaller size? The name of the article,<strong> iPhone mini</strong> suggests that this device belongs to the famous iPhone family of portable phones manufactured by Apple. The problem is that I did not remember the name of “mini” when I read the presentation of the Apple’s iPhone. Well, I guess I was right. There isn’t such a thing made by Apple , but by some Chinese obscure company that just cloned the famous portable device and hoped that it will increase its sales all over the world.

I googled iPhone mini and, to my surprise, I could find many offers that did not say anything about the producer or something like that, but this is obvious for a professional eye and even for a more careful buyer. If you take a closer look at this device, you will notice the different front cover, the unusual menu and, of course, the diminished size. I don’t think that Apple would ever consider reducing its iPhone just for the sake of cutting the costs of production because this would affect its performances.

Any way this iPhone mini is amazing because it looks so similar to the genuine device. It replicated everything in detail, starting with the outside design, to the menu logo, the functions, and everything, is only a bit smaller and has a few more differences in the software, but that is only visible for a trained eye. Well, you may also notice the “designed by Rola’ inscription on the back. Oh, I almost forgot: the touchscreen from the original device does not work in the fake one. It’s not a touch screen anymore, but a compact screen, which is not necessarily a bad thing. To my surprise, I found some online stores that sold this item but warned the customer that it’s not the genuine iPhone, but only one who imitates the design really well.

Ok, you may laugh as much as you want, but the Chinese manufacturers of this iPhone mini are actually successful and sell a lot of these pirated devices all over the world, as they also offer affordable prices. While Apple spends a lot of money on design, software research and a lot of studies made before releasing every item on the market, these little Asian guys just copy everything to the detail without much effort and make a lot of money out of it.

How about that? This gave me a good idea how to get out of hte crisi. I think it’s time for me to copy the design of the Nike t-shirts, buy some cheap cotton fabric and pay a good tailor to make some similar ones and attach a “Nike” logo on and sell them on the internet, where the people can’t check if it’s the genuine product or not. What do you say? Oh, that has already been made by some other people, too?