Sunday, July 21, 2024

Apple iPod Mini Reviews


From the reviews we read online, iPod is the best MP3 player on the market and if you have one we know what we are talking about. Apple iPod mini was first released in 2004 and the second generation was released in 2005. The iPod mini was replaced in September 2005 with iPod nano. Both generations of iPod mini are almost the same, the hard drive of the iPod mini second generation has more space and the audio quality is better with the second generation.

The design of the Apple iPod mini is elegant and nice and has a nice felling in the hand. The wheel with its 4 buttons provides a nice tactile feedback. The touch wheel gives you the possibility to change the volume, to rate your songs and to scroll through songs.

The display of both Apple iPod mini is in black and white and it israther small (if we thing about iPod touch or iPod classic, the screen is very small). The best thing about a black and white display is that you can see in direct sunlight, because the color display gives reduce viewing capability in the direct sunlight.

The Apple iPod mini supports AIFF, AAC/M4A, MP3 and WAV formats and if you want to listen to your favorite songs you have to import them into iTunes or you can purchase them from iTunes Store. The battery lifetime of the iPod mini first generation is 8 hours and the battery lifetime of the second generation is 18 hours. The second generation came without an AC power adapter and FireWire, because it wanted to be money – saying from Apple but all it did was to reduce the selling of these MP3 players.

The features of Apple iPod mini are a few: it can play music in the formats presented above, it doesn’t have a recording function, no built-in Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, no video playback, no application support. It was a simple MP3 player which provided a high quality music sound. Other features include: text notes, calendar and a contact manager. The storage capacity of 6GB is large enough to store a nice audio collection. The size of the device made it very easy to carry in the pocket, backpack or bag.

The downside of this iPod and all of the Apple iPods, as the most reviews say it, is the fact that you can’t play the music files purchased on iTunes on other MP3 player, because they came in an Apple protected format. To put your favorite music on Apple iPod’s is very time consuming, because you have to import them into iTunes and from there you can sync them into your device. This is monopolistic behavior from Apple, because they want to protect their products and technology, but Apple doesn’t have an excuse for this behavior.