Sunday, July 21, 2024

iPhone 3GS Eliminates Many Reasons for Selecting Other Phone Instead

The release of Apple iPhone 3 GS has made a big sensation among the users of iPhones, the lines at the stores have already proved it! Now with the wave of enthusiasm cooled down, we can cast a closer look at Apple upgrades and define better what are the performances introduced by these upgrades.

To begin with the outside – design changes, we can say that the only relevant change, the one that makes it different from its predecessor iPhone 3G, though not so noticeable, is the oil resistance display which prevents the smudge to stay stuck to the screen, since after several days of using the touchscreen it still looks fresh as in the first day you’ve purchased the unit. Not to mention that touching on a specific area of the screen the objects are revealed into a clearer relief adjusting at the same time the exposure and other settings.