Saturday, May 18, 2024

Apple iPad Jokes

I know that, like almost all of you, I’ve waited so much for the newest c to come up. And, after so much publicity, even an ignorant in everything that the Mac technology stands for, still will be a bit intrigued by the new product. Still, what promised to be the most revolutionary piece of technology on the market that will make the transition between smartphones and notebooks, has transformed into a monstrous joke that everybody is aware of. So much technology and equipment in it, so many great features, a wonderful design, and a guaranteed impact; still, iPad?? Seriously, dudes, we all know Mr. Jobs might not have so much of a personal life, but it must have occurred to at least one of the people working for Apple that “iPad” just doesn’t sound right.

Only minutes after Steve Jobs announced the launching of the newest and most revolutionary product, sites like Facebook or twitter immediately became flooded by feminine hygiene jokes towards the name of the iPad. Some even considered this name as a Venus vs Mars issue. Still, seriously, iPad?? They might have come up with a better name after all the technology invested in this tablet in order not to allow ipad jokes keep on coming and giggles all the way. And while the new iPad name more sounds like a product designed specially for women, Steve Jobs seems not to care about all the big fuss and claims that the same thing happened when the iPod was released.

And now I was just wondering, if everybody laughed at the “iPod” name, did you really think that by changing the “o” into an “a” and associate it with feminine tampons will get you out of the jokes sphere? The funny thing just beginns. But what seemed at the beginning simple jokes and giggles from the women has become a rather serious offense to the feminine side, as important tabloids like New York Times or Washington newspapers kept on talking about the missfortune of the name. Still, mr Jobs seems not to care about the jokes wandering the Internet and he’s confident that his newest tablet will be a total hit.

And while almost 40 percent of the technological device consumers are women, I still wonder if women will either purchase the product in order to see pictures and read emails on it or just to try the newest intimate hygiene product which comes without wings. But by far the funniest part of Steve Jobs’ presentation of the new Apple product was when he introduced this line into his speech: “It’s so much more intimate than a laptop”… and let me admit I was the ONLY one on this planet who associated the word intimate with Tampax.MaxiPads, mini pads or just iPads?

With or without wings, one must admit this is a revolutionary product on the market (and I’m sure companies such as Always or Tampax will consider the competition). Laugh now.